I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


9. Stefan

The next day I was sitting on the sofa having a chat with Isla, when I heard a door bell ring. I walked to the door wondering who it could be, I wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door and stared as there was Stefan dressed in a black jacket, looking as handsome as ever.

"Who is it" Isla called out from inside.

"Stefan" I exclaimed. 

"May I come in" Stefan asked that's when I realised he couldn't get in as vampires had to be invited to come in. I nodded my head and walked into the house glancing at Stefan.

"What are you doing here" I asked.

"I came to protect you" Stefan replied. Before I could reply Stefan put his lips onto mine. I closed my eyes and realised I had really missed him a lot.

"Stefan" I whispered breaking away from the kiss.

"Mia, I can't stand a minute without you and I couldn't stand living knowing your life was at risk" Stefan whispered back.

"Stefan, I can't live if you were hurt, but as you are here and I know you won't go so we'll make the most of the time being here" I murmured. Xan walked in and noticed me holding Stefan's hand, he looked shocked.

"Mia" Xan asked.

"This is Stefan, my boyfriend" I exclaimed. Xan looked at me then at him and knew he couldn't get us separate  he went back inside angry. I smiled, Stefan was here and we were going to kill Klaus together.

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