I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


4. Power me

I look at Stefan and see him puzzled in thought before i could ask Damon and Sapphire come.

"Hi Mia"Damon calls.

"Hey Damon what are you doing here"i ask.

"Just looking for you"Sapphire replies shaking her blonde hair.Damon smiles at her.

"Why"i question.Damon looks at me with a concern before looking away.

"What is it Damon"Stefan ask.

"Nothing your special Mia"Damon whispers.

"What do you mean"i ask.

"Means your special Mia how old are you"Damon asks.

"1,479 to be exact"i mumble back.

"Your not that old compared to others but you are compared to me you have massive power"Damon asks.

"Damon leave t"Stefan shouts.

"But she has to know she has power beyond measure she should join me and sapphire"Damon shouts.

"What do you mean"i repeat.

"Your powerful like us"Stefan mumbles.

"So"i mumble.

"means you have power beyond measure like a princess your like your father strong"Damon whispers.I nod my head.

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