I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


7. Leaving My Love

I stare at Stefan and walk to him I try to smile and give him a hug.

"Stefan we need to talk" I mumble.

"Ok what's it about" Stefan asks.

"Stefan I'm going to go somewhere but you can't go" I exclaim I tell him about the kidnapping incident  Jeremy is a vampire and that I'm going to kill Klaus.

"No" Stefan shouts people around us look at us trying to hear our argument.

"Stefan I have to go" I exclaim.

"No you can't" Stefan argues back.

"Please Stefan I have to" I whisper.

"Then I'm going where you go" Stefan exclaims.

"No I won't see you hurt or dead if you die I die" I exclaim.

"But Mia, I have to protect you" Stefan argues.

"No it's my life and one day I will die but you must be alive, I can take care of myself" I whisper stroking his cheek.

"Mia" Stefan moans.

"Stefan remember I love only you remember" I reply kissing him.

"Mia" Stefan repeats.

"Stefan take care my love protect yourself don't follow me" I whisper walking away.

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