I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


6. Kidnapped

I woke up to darkness I tried to move but then realised I was tied to a chair I whispered a spell and the ropes untied a advantage of being a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf and part witch). I stood up and walked around and used my special talent and saw that someone was standing there. I walked to that person and screamed it was Damon Salvatore my kidnapper.

"Why have you got me here" I shouted.

"Time will tell young Mia" Damon recalled.

"Stefan will know you know" I laughed.

"I don't need him I'm a original" I shouted shooting a blast of power at Damon. Damon collapsed on the floor and started coughing. Sapphire walked in wearing a mini dress and tank top like she was going clubbing.

"Mia" Sapphire shouted.

"Sapphire your boyfriend on the floor" I exclaimed pointing at Damon. 

"Mia I'm more powerful then you your getting on my nerves" Sapphire shouted.

"Sapphire you may be powerful know but I have a secret that you don't know and one day I will be the one laughing as you die" I reply coldly.

"Mia" Sapphire shouted angrily she couldn't believe her cousin was arguing with her Sapphire the queen of the world.

"Sapphire you can't control me you can hurt the ones I love but you can't stop me from killing you" I screamed.

"Actually Mia I have a present for you Jeremy" Sapphire called. Jeremy walked in but that wasn't Jeremy or the Jeremy she knew he was possessed by Sapphire.

"Kill her" Sapphire shouted.

Suddenly Jeremy started running towards here with a stake she laughed a stake couldn't kill her nor could a white ash wood stake nothing could except herself. She dodged Jeremy and could see the old Jeremy still in there.

"Sapphire" I shouted.

"What" Sapphire yelled.

"Your fighting me while Klaus had your baby killed your daughter" I exclaimed. Suddenly Sapphire looked at her and ordered Jeremy to stop fighting Mia.

"Know daddy didn't" Sapphire screamed.

"Sapphire he did he killed your daughter he lied to you Sapphire I knew I got information from someone Klaus killed your living flesh and you fight me Sapphire you haven't got a heart at all it's all your fault Sapphire yours because of you that child is dead" I screamed.

Sapphire looked at Mia shocked tears running down her face.

"No, my baby" Sapphire screamed. Damon looked shocked seeing Sapphire then Mia.

"Sapphire there's still a chance the child could be saved but for that you need my help and for that you have to stop trying or going to kill me, release Jeremy  don't hurt anyone I love and give me some respect ok treat me like an original  I exclaimed. Sapphire looked at me her she wiped her tears and ran to me waving Jeremy. Suddenly Jeremy was Jeremy again her ex boyfriend and her stalker.

"Mia" Jeremy mumbled.

"Jeremy not know go back home I will see you later" I replied clicking my finger suddenly Jeremy was gone.

"Ok I agree with you Mia" Sapphire whispered placing her hand on Mia's. Damon stood beside Sapphire and put his hand over her's.

"Klaus doesn't know we got a special weapon he'll be dead" Sapphire shouted looking at Mia wondering what was Mia's special talent that made her special then all the other's original and for one moment she thought she saw someone she knew someone who looked like Mia.

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