I am Love Struck

This story is based on my dreams i have relating to vampire diaries.Thanks Kali for giving me support.Your always in my dream.Hope you like it.


1. I Met Him

I look at my new school Mystic Halls.Where was my cousin Sapphire she was supposed to help me from getting lost.I stare at my timetable History with Mr.Alaric i walk when i bump into someone and i drop my books.I bend down to pick my books when somebody else picks it up.I stare at the stranger and he was breathtaking.I gazed at his brown eyes and dark brown hair.

"Sorry haven't seen you before and i wouldn't miss a face as beautiful as yours I'm Stefan Salvatore"the stranger whispers.

"No I'm new I'm Mia Flora"i reply not mentioning my father Elijah.

"Mia,What a beautiful name"Stefan whispers handing me my books as i touch his hand sparks fly.

"Thanks"i reply when my cousin Sapphire walks in and flips her blonde hair.

"Mia why are you talking with him"Sapphire shouts pulling me away from him and to our history class.

"Why can't i talk to him"i ask

"He's Stefan salvatore a vampire and your father enemy"Sapphire whispers.

"So i don't care of Elijah only Stefan"I reply.

"You better not talk to him or i will tell your father"Sapphire shouts

"I don't care do whatever you want tell my stupid father like i care"i shout and go inside my history class.

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