The Adventures of Bofain, son of Farar

Denne fortælling blev til i 2010, da jeg deltog i Blizzard's fan fiction contest. Et af kravene var, at historien skulle finde sted i et Blizzard-miljø, altså Diablo, Warcraft eller Starcraft. Jeg valgte Warcraft med udgangspunkt i den forestående udvidelse til World of Warcraft hvor der blev introduceret nye race/class-kombinationer. Hovedpersonen er derfor min fortolkning af hvordan dværge nu kunne blive shamaner.

This tale was created in 2010 when I participated in the Blizzard fan fiction contest. One of the regulations were that the story had to take place in a Blizzard inspired environment - Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft. I chose Warcraft, inspired by the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft where new race/class combinations were introduced. Consequently the main character is my interpretation of how dwarves can now become shamans.


8. You and I will be bound together for all time


You and I will be bound together for all time.

The following day, Zorek presented Bofain and Olric to a group of mercenaries lead by the very paladin they saw when they first arrived in Valgarde. Her name was Neiya and she had gotten the gory nickname Neckbreaker for her ability in combat. With her she had a gnome mage called Brebo and a human warlock called Kourin.

They started making their way North towards the Grizzly Hills where Farar was supposed to go with Thri. The vrykul lost many soldiers in their attack, so they were quietly rearming, which allowed the party to move undisturbed up through the mountain paths, past Utgarde Keep. The magnificent fortress stood as a majestic giant in the middle of the land. They took a boat across Lake Cauldros and marched towards the Frostblade Pass. As they reached the foot of the pass, they decided to set up camp and rest for a few hours. Bofain pulled out his rock. It had almost become a ritual for him to hold it in his hands when he was feeling doubt and distress.

Suddenly a lightning ripped through the sky and everything was blindingly bright followed by a suffocating darkness. Bofain expected everyone to sound the alarm, but he quickly realized that he was no longer at the camp. Not only was he no longer at the camp but as he stood up, his eyes met another pair of eyes. It was Masalai who stood before him in the flesh. He looked around and recognized the mountain from his dream. Even the altar was here.

Bofain was confused, but before he could speak, Masalai put a finger to her mouth and pointed over the horizon. He saw four indistinct shapes move towards the mountain peak and as they came closer, the rock he held in his hands started to glow. It first became burning hot and then icy cold. Then it’s surface changed and it was rough and almost cut his hand, but soon after it was smooth again and he felt a windy sensation in the palm of his hand.

Do you know why you are here?

The voice that spoke was hollow and coarse, but he could not see to whom it belonged. He turned around to see it and behind him approached the same four shapes he had seen over the horizon. It was a magnificent sight. Moving fire, earth, water and air. None of them had faces, yet it felt as though they were gazing into the very core of his soul.

Do you know why you are here?’ the earthen element repeated.

It does not know, it is here.’ breathed the wind element impatiently. ‘Have we summoned it too early?

Masalai started speaking but the elements kept their attention on Bofain.

“He knows not why he is here, but it is not his fault. He has been cast into a chain of events against his will – events, which he cannot control. Others seek to lure him out in the open where they can steal him and harness his powers as their own. Judge him not, but praise the Earthmother that he is here before us, unharmed and out of reach from the enemy.”

You speak the truth Masalai Mistbender. We have been with you for many lives and you have always been true in your heart’ the fire element hissed.

Is it ready?’ hummed the water element.

“Whether he is ready or not is unimportant. He is here now and if we do not act, the opportunity will be lost for all eternity. I implore you, infuse him with your powers and your wisdom, so he can aid his comrades and strike back at the enemy”

But it does not even know who the enemy is. Look at it!’ the wind element wailed.

“I will assist him in his journey to come and give my life before his life is taken.” Masalai said with tears in her eyes. “We must act now. It is the will of the spirits, of the elements!”

I agree with Masalai Mistbender’ the earth element rumbled. ‘Let it be done.’

Let it be done’ concurred the fire element with a dry hiss.

Ready yourself, Bofain, for we will now reveal your true name, your true nature and your true being.’ Hummed the water element.

Together the elements started chanting in an ancient language. Bofain no longer knew what to think or do. All he could do was hold his rock and feel how it calmed his entire being. His thoughts began to wander and he thought about Olric, his father and his mother. The wind started howling around them as the ground shook violently beneath their feet – even fire spewed forth from the trembling earth, hissing as raindrops came pouring down.

Good!’ the earth element boomed. ‘It already has a totem!

As if they were all one, the elements began to speak, ‘All that is… is alive. You and I will be bound together for all time. Throughout your life the forces of earth, water, wind and fire will be at your disposal. The balance will come when your bones return to us at the end of your days.

Despite the devastating noise, their voices resonated within his soul. At once, everything went still in suspension. The world had come to a halt. Bofain’s heart had stopped beating. Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. The light in front of Bofain was beautiful and colorful. Flames danced graciously with globes of water. Then the elements whispered again.

Use your powers wisely, Ancient Fist

Darkness engulfed Bofain.

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