The Adventures of Bofain, son of Farar

Denne fortælling blev til i 2010, da jeg deltog i Blizzard's fan fiction contest. Et af kravene var, at historien skulle finde sted i et Blizzard-miljø, altså Diablo, Warcraft eller Starcraft. Jeg valgte Warcraft med udgangspunkt i den forestående udvidelse til World of Warcraft hvor der blev introduceret nye race/class-kombinationer. Hovedpersonen er derfor min fortolkning af hvordan dværge nu kunne blive shamaner.

This tale was created in 2010 when I participated in the Blizzard fan fiction contest. One of the regulations were that the story had to take place in a Blizzard inspired environment - Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft. I chose Warcraft, inspired by the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft where new race/class combinations were introduced. Consequently the main character is my interpretation of how dwarves can now become shamans.


9. Snowdrift Plains


Farar had been asleep for days, but it was no ordinary sleep. He was bound by runes and put under a spell causing him to doze off into a magical slumber.

Outside the building stood Thri with Iron Thane Herla. Thri had been following Bofain and Olric ever since they landed in Valgarde. Earlier this year, Kazdahn, an agent for the Twilight Hammer, had contacted Herla with the promise of gold and technology in exchange for the ancient one. Since then, Herla had consulted with his runemasters and shamans to find and capture Bofain. Early on, Herla had contacted Thri, who had been deeply infiltrated with the Bronzebeard Clan for most of his life. Together they planned the kidnapping of Farar in order to lure Bofain to Northrend, away from the sanctuary of Ironforge. Thri knew that Farar’s loyalty to Gryan would compel him to leave home. After they boarded the ship, it was an easy matter for the awaiting runemasters to bind him.

Herla and Kazdahn knew that Masalai would try to interfere, but with the help of shamans and elementalists, Thri managed to interfere and so compel Farar’s son to start his journey.

Now they were gathering their army in the Snowdrift Plains in the Storm Peaks. For ages, the Iron dwarves had been working on the iron colossus, but they lacked the technology to activate it. Kazdahn promised this technology in exchange for Bofain and Herla was getting impatient, but he also knew that if this technology could activate the colossus, this would all be well worth the trouble.

Iron Thane Herla took a step away from Thri to look at his work. Several hundred Iron dwarves had set up camp on the Snowdrift Plains below the awe-inspiring colossus, where they prepared for the impending battle. He knew that Masalai would keep interfering and on their journey it was inevitable that they would cross paths with Gryan Stoutmantle. Consequently, Herla prepared for the worst and did what he could not to get outnumbered on the battlefield.

“Thri,” he said. “Wake up Farar and have him and his bear down at the colossus in chains.”

“Yes sir,” Thri said with a fake smile. “Right away, sir.”

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