The Adventures of Bofain, son of Farar

Denne fortælling blev til i 2010, da jeg deltog i Blizzard's fan fiction contest. Et af kravene var, at historien skulle finde sted i et Blizzard-miljø, altså Diablo, Warcraft eller Starcraft. Jeg valgte Warcraft med udgangspunkt i den forestående udvidelse til World of Warcraft hvor der blev introduceret nye race/class-kombinationer. Hovedpersonen er derfor min fortolkning af hvordan dværge nu kunne blive shamaner.

This tale was created in 2010 when I participated in the Blizzard fan fiction contest. One of the regulations were that the story had to take place in a Blizzard inspired environment - Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft. I chose Warcraft, inspired by the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft where new race/class combinations were introduced. Consequently the main character is my interpretation of how dwarves can now become shamans.


5. Pain and darkness


Pain. Excruciating pain and sore muscles. Everything was dark, but Farar could easily establish that they were off the boat and in some sort of room or building. Or perhaps a cave. He was not alone, but how many people and who they were, he could not say. There was no smell of Samson and his muscles tightened at the mere thought of something bad happening to him. He had seen Thri escape as they were attacked. Farar just hoped that Thri would gather a party to come for him without sending word to Ironforge or Bofain and Olric. Someone whispered at the back and he raised his head in an attempt to pick up some of the conversation. Apparently they noticed him though, because shortly after he heard an incantation. All of a sudden he felt incredibly drowsy and despite his attempts to stay awake, he fell into a deep slumber. There was nothing but darkness, but at least the pain had gone.

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