The Adventures of Bofain, son of Farar

Denne fortælling blev til i 2010, da jeg deltog i Blizzard's fan fiction contest. Et af kravene var, at historien skulle finde sted i et Blizzard-miljø, altså Diablo, Warcraft eller Starcraft. Jeg valgte Warcraft med udgangspunkt i den forestående udvidelse til World of Warcraft hvor der blev introduceret nye race/class-kombinationer. Hovedpersonen er derfor min fortolkning af hvordan dværge nu kunne blive shamaner.

This tale was created in 2010 when I participated in the Blizzard fan fiction contest. One of the regulations were that the story had to take place in a Blizzard inspired environment - Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft. I chose Warcraft, inspired by the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft where new race/class combinations were introduced. Consequently the main character is my interpretation of how dwarves can now become shamans.


7. An understanding of the elements can only come when all are in harmony


An understanding of the elements can only come when all are in harmony

What was supposed to be a peaceful landing was disrupted by screams and fire, metal clashing against metal and the air full of incantations and magic. They heard a hoarse voice cry out military commands and curses that could make even the hardiest of sailors blush. Olrec and Bofain had left the ship and now they stood face to face with this person.

The man was Guard Captain Zorek, directing his forces to fend off the attack of Dragonflayer vrykuls. Zorek was a middle-aged rugged man, oozing with pure strength and power. Here he stood, barking orders at his men, trying to regain control over the situation. He cursed at a vrykul, shouted an order to a group of soldiers and almost knocked the jaw clean off the face of another vrykul in one clean motion. He wore an eye patch, but it did not seem to affect his ability to fight. His naked torso glistened in the light from the fires, revealing a muscular body trained for combat. This man was truly an excellent fighter. All of a sudden, he looked directly at Bofain and Olric and yelled. The next thing they knew, they had been ordered into battle.

Being hurled directly into a fight had paralyzed them both, but the familiar military commands seemed to wake them up from their daze. Bofain quickly readied his weapons. He had forged them himself at the old forge in Kharanos where Tognus had taught him how. They were no ordinary weapons for a dwarf. Instead of the traditional sword, axe or mace, he had taken a piece of leather and crafted a pair of strong leather gloves. To these gloves, he had then attached six blades, three to each glove. This design allowed him to put all of his strength behind a punch without worrying about losing his weapon.

He quickly equipped the weapons and jumped into battle. Olric grabbed his staff and started chanting. While Bofain would fend off the bandits, Olric would shield him from harm and use divine powers to heal his wounds. If anyone tried to harm Olric, Bofain would quickly avert any blows and retaliate with a deadly punch to the chest.

Across the battlefield Bofain spotted another dwarf. Through the rattling metal, yelling and magic spells, he witnessed how this dwarf singlehandedly both defeated oncoming foes and healed her wounds before moving on to the next opponent. This dwarf was neither warrior nor priest. It was a paladin in action. Back home, the paladins were more honor guards than actual soldiers and consequently, Bofain had never experienced what they were capable of if under attack.

Shortly after, the attack was over and the remaining vrykul retreated. Bofain was curious and wanted to meet the paladin, but Guard Captain Zorek, who now stood right in front of him, cut him off.

“You must be the son of Farar. Never before have I seen a dwarf fight with such weapons!” Zorek said with a booming voice.

Bofain was surprised to hear his father’s name uttered by this human.

“Ha ha, you look surprised. I bet you never knew your father served in Northrend long before you were born.”

“What’re ye talking about, before I was born he was a hunter until he was put under the King’s employ in Ironforge as a gatewatcher!” Even as he spoke the words, he already knew it was not the truth.

“Farar and I have an agreement. If you were ever to set foot on Northrend, I would protect you to the best of my ability. But now that we’re addressing the matter, what ARE you doing here?” Zorek asked with a raised eyebrow.

Even though Bofain had only just met this man, he felt in his guts that he was trustworthy and truthful. He explained the whole story, about the dreams he had been having and how they were in pursuit of their father.

“I see,” Zorek mumbled. “Farar has gotten himself into trouble – again”

Zorek let out a laugh. “Well, if that is the case, we had better gather a rescue party so we can save his old hide.”

Bofain did not like the way he talked about Farar, but he also had a feeling that this man knew his father better than most. Besides, he was relieved that he and Olric were no longer alone, but had found help in such a capable fighter.

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