Death Note: The Diary of a Haunted Human

This is the Diary of Anna Welger, a nonchalant teenager who loves being atypical. when she visits her grandma for the continuation of the summer before high school, she finds a Journal in her grandma's attic, that leads to many strange mishaps.....
(This is my entry for the Diary competition)


7. Summer Morning; August 10th 2044

Dear Amice,

I think Grandma's house is haunted. There are voices whispering 'Kitty' and it's freaking me out, i don't know if i should tell anyone. They would all think i was going mad! I don't know what to do! Should i look up 'Kitty' on my arm computer? or on Google? Nobody owns Kitties anymore, they went extencint 20 years ago, we have cubs though. Should i tell grandma? HELP ME AMICE!



Anna Welger

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