Death Note: The Diary of a Haunted Human

This is the Diary of Anna Welger, a nonchalant teenager who loves being atypical. when she visits her grandma for the continuation of the summer before high school, she finds a Journal in her grandma's attic, that leads to many strange mishaps.....
(This is my entry for the Diary competition)


2. Summer Day; August 5th 2044

Dear Amice,

Rawr! My "pothead" friends keep trying to make me smoke their "Wacky Tabaccy"!!! I hate this! I need new friends! i need a new life! i need to get away from Chicago! Maybe i should move to London with some awesome people (If i can find any). My sister came back from College and overtook my room also, she has 3/4 of my room and her shit is everywhere! on top of that my mom is constently getting mad! my house is pure havoc! maybe i should smoke weed, to chill my nervous and make my life easier! or maybe ill fit in with the cheerleaders! do you think i could act snotty enough? Maybe, only you and i know that where i really belong is with the Goths. Just face it, I HATE LIFE. I am going to Highschool soon and i can't even live through the summer between Middle School and High School! Well ill find my place somewhere.


Anna Welger

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