Death Note: The Diary of a Haunted Human

This is the Diary of Anna Welger, a nonchalant teenager who loves being atypical. when she visits her grandma for the continuation of the summer before high school, she finds a Journal in her grandma's attic, that leads to many strange mishaps.....
(This is my entry for the Diary competition)


9. Journal Entry #2 from the mysterious journal

Monday, 15 June, 1942

I had my birthday party on Sunday afternoon. We showed a film The Lighthouse Keeper with Rin-Tin-Tin, which my school friends thoroughly enjoyed. We had a lovely time. There were lots of girls and boys. Mummy always wants to know whom I'm gunna marry. Little does she guess that it's Peter Wessel; one day i managed, without blushing or flickering an eyelid, to get that idea right out of her mind. For years Lies Goosens and Sanne Houtman have been my best friends. Since then, i've gotten to know Jopie de Waal at the Jewish Secondary School. We are together a lot and she is now my best girl friend. Lies is more friendly with another girl, Sanne goes to a different school were she has made new friends.

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