The Last Lap

Its about letting go off a phase when days were full of fun and joy, and entering into absolute adulthood...


1. The Last Lap


As the whistle blew ,

The train flagged off,

Swiftly, as the expanse grew,

The whole view dwarfed out…


Wedged to the door,

Chickened to look back,

With eyes on the metal floor,

Tears blotched my sight…


Immersed in sudden gloom,

Drowning into a hollow wound,

Bitten by the fangs of doom,

Cursed the day that approached so soon…


For it was hard to alienate,

To let go off a joyous phase,

But my story chose its own fate,

Engulfing me in a daze…


Reminiscing every minute spent,

Life then, an emotional tornado,

Millions of untold thoughts, I repent,

As I gazed blindly into the tomorrow…


Those days never to return,

As the past, shredded it to pieces,

The memories, never a picture to burn,

As a key chapter in life ceases…


It is a tearful culmination,

An adieu for some,

Bound to another destination,

Surpassing the last lap, we move on…




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