Realistic Dreams or Drugged Realities

Josh Cloudly is dreaming but he doesnt know he is dreaming, his devoius sister Arianna has given him a drug that puts him into a deep sleep, Josh thinks his dream is reality because his whole memory is fogged because of the drug. He thinks he is in a World called Chimera, Follow him through this wonderous city as Secrets are revealed, love is let loose and problems rule the world.


2. Chimera

 I awake to a completely white room with a single bed in the corner and a small closet next to a large window that is covered by long white drapes.

 I don't remember anything. But the mysterious taste of berries lingers on my tongue.

 I get out of the pure white bed to find myself in solid white boxers and a matching solid white plain shirt. I start to walk over top the closet but stop in my tracks, I just realized, I don't know where i am or how i got here!

 I decide to walk over to the large window in the corner of the room and try to sneak a glance at the outside.

 I open the long drapes and get an instant blast of sun that is so bright it seems artificial, i cover my eyes to prevent going blind. when my eyes adjust slowly to the light, i take a glance at the city in front of me. I see at least 1000 white, bubbly buildings that seem to be electrically held up.

 I pinch myself, realizing that I MUST be dreaming, nothing like this exist in America, or the world for that matter!

 But i barely pinch myself and a stream of blood leaks out of the tiny hole. Is my skin artificial?

 While trying to cease the bleeding, someone walks in, and all they will see is me sucking my arm, in my boxers...

 "Mr. Cloudly?" A woman that barely looks 30 say without even looking up from a giant clipboard in her arms

 "Y-yes?" I say nervously, removing my mouth from the cut

 She looks up from the clipboard and glances at me from head to toe with disgust.

 She looks back down at her clipboard and says "And you are 16 Mr. Cloudly?"but before i can answer i replace my mouth on the cut because it started to bleed again

 :Is that correct MR. CLOUDLY" she says harshly

 "Um, ye-yes miss" I say removing my mouth once again from the gust

 The cut starts bleeding even worse than ever after i remove my mouth, so i place my mouth back on it and she looks up just as i do.

"MR. CLOUDLY! are you some sort of vampire!" she says in a strong accent i don't recognize

" um, no miss, i'm not a vampire..."

"Than i suggest you look in the mirror and wpe that blood from your lips!' she says disgusted 

 As she begins to walk out she says

"I'll also suggest pants" 

 I walk over to the closet and pull on some Jeans but when i do, I notice they are to big so i smack the side leg and suddenly little glowing lines erect from where my veins and muscles on my legs are placed.

 As i slowly get dressed all my clothes do the same thing!

 I decide to take one last look at the city before leaving. I walk over to the curtains and open them one last time, this time i spot a large sign on the tallest building which reads:



   Pametan. Smion, Brizan,



I close the curtain and walk back to the closet and grab a black jacket and walk out of the door.


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