The Turians

This is my story of how I entered the war of colliding worlds. Death or Life? Which way will it turn out for me and the human race...


2. How to kill


Dear Diary,
Today's been tough. Just like everyday. You leave the base 00692 and fight for the human existence. It sounds hard,it is,it's not fair but either is life. You get used to it. I use some standard and some advanced weapons when in combat. There are 10,000 bases altogether,the lower the number,the better the fighter. That's how it works. I started at base 10,000 and worked my way through to a better level.

Today I encountered a feathered serpent which is a type of robotic snake. This was probably the least dangerous thing I faced today. I handeld it with ease,launching an electric bolt from my ADD6 gun,which soared into it's chest as it slumped slowly until it finally hit the ground! The ADD6 is a black cylinder with turquoise-blue rings powering the gun on the outer face of the cylinder. The handle is a simple cuboid placed underneath the rear of the cylinder. The trigger works easily,you can hold it in for more power,or just pull and watch the small beams of vibrant colours that haven't yet been named zoom by your eyes.

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