The Turians

This is my story of how I entered the war of colliding worlds. Death or Life? Which way will it turn out for me and the human race...


3. 15 years later


Dear Diary,
I have not wrote in 15 years. I didn't see the point. As soon as I was told that we only had one base left being 00001 I kind of just gave up on the world. All the other bases were invaded by the robots' creatures including turians! The most dangerous and venomous creature ever mutated by the robots. A mix of terror and power. They have a robotic suit that is always blue. Their skin is a pale grey colour,all wrinkly. Their bright,sapphire-blue eyes can burn and see through anything. Who knows,maybe there watching me now. There feet are very athletic,and have an alien like head which looks like a horn curving backwards,point at the top. On the face,just below the eyes they have several blue lines.

We only have these creatures left to kill. It takes all of us to take down one,so we need another plan...
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