This is for the Diary competition and if I place, I may look into getting it published. It's about a girl who loses everything so fast it all seems like a dream. One big nightmare. Sarah has a private diary which her sister finds and reads to her friends. Sarah loses her friends, her sister and her education. The bullying gets so bad, she leaves school and runs from home and ends up hanging with a very uncouth crowd.



You're dead! I hate you! How could you break my phone you little brat! I've burnt all your diaries! You should be lucky that's all I did!

She has defaced my diary and dyed my hair green. She has sketched an intricate drawing of her kissing my boyfriend on every single page. She's a very good artist although it's mostly wasted on graffiti. I managed to salvage some of it but it's in pretty bad condition. I spent a few hourse gluing it back together. I'm looking in the mirror at my beautiful blonde hair dip dyed in pea green dye; a green tangled mess of weaving vines entwined in a matted mess. She's the brat. She's spoilt and nasty and I hate her.

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