This is for the Diary competition and if I place, I may look into getting it published. It's about a girl who loses everything so fast it all seems like a dream. One big nightmare. Sarah has a private diary which her sister finds and reads to her friends. Sarah loses her friends, her sister and her education. The bullying gets so bad, she leaves school and runs from home and ends up hanging with a very uncouth crowd.


1. Dear Diary.....

15 June:

This isn't the first diary. I have five others packed full. That's just boring stuff though. Unimportant really. I had this obsession where I would write everything down so that I wouldn't miss anything and I ended up missing a good portion of my life. I'm thirteen now. Seems quite young actually; the thrill of being a child almost over but still with a few years to go. 

I just had an assembly at school about our future. What we want to do with our lives. I want to work in a huge building. Or maybe a sky scraper. Something with computers would be the perfect job for me - I love computers. I'm quite good with graphics and design but I'm better at ICT. But you're not interested in that.

My boyfriend, Calvin, has been suspended. He won't tell me why but it must be something like a fight because he's brilliant at fighting. Not that I'm encouraging him but he used to do boxing. He broke his hand though and his mum made him quit. That's what he said. It's a shame really but secretly I'm relieved; I hated to see him come to school with bruises on his face. He still does sometimes but he says it's because he's taking up an afterschool boxing club. That's what he says. I didn't even know there was one.

My sister is bugging me again. I swear she hates me. She's adopted so she kinda has a little resentment towards me. I think I love her. I think. I mean, I'm supposed to but she has anger problems. She's a year older than me and is one of the rebellious girls that hang out smoking behind the bike shed and in the toilets. She doesn't smoke, she just hangs out with them. I have never had her say one nice thing to me and to be honest, I've given up. Mum says she's a lost cause which I think is horrible because Jasmin is still her daughter. Jasmin is very bossy though. It's always:

"Sarah give me your money. Sarah get me some lemonade. Sarah your boyfriend is cheating on you with me." Of course he isn't actually cheating on me. He swore. I know she's lying because she's manipulative and horrible. I do feel sorry for her. She never knew her real parents. But that's no excuse for making my life a misery.

I accidentally broke her phone. She doesn't know it's me. It was a complete accident. I really didn't mean to. She'll kill me if she finds out. This probably sounds really boring and that but if she does have her revenge - which she will - this is my last will and testament. Everything I have goes to her and my parents. Off to school now. I'm part of the popular group. It's awesome. I've never been popular before. I have a suspician it's because I was recently on a game show and won £500 but I don't care. I'm popular!

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