Screaming will not save you.

I am but a helpless human, lying captured in the prison of ghosts...


3. chapter 3.

I never even fought back. But I ended up like the girl who will never see day again. I know now, that I gave them too much strength. I made them too uncontrolably wild. I screamed too much. I screamed... and it brought my death. It was terrifying when they consumed my soul. Each one aproached me with a demented grin on his face. And then they came up to me, and walked right through me. They stayed, in my body, slowly sucking out my soul. All the while, I screamed. Why did I do it? They only ate my soul more slowly. The pain... I never, ever want to imagine it. They were laughing with the pleasure, and I was screaming with the pain. Couldn't they hurry up? Couldn't they just hurry up and end the pain? It was so excruciatingly slow and agonising. But it ended eventually. It ended with my body covered in black frost. I will never see daylight again. I will know only darkness, darkness and nothing else. Screaming will not save you. That is the last thing I learned from the ghosts. Screaming will not save you...

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