Screaming will not save you.

I am but a helpless human, lying captured in the prison of ghosts...


2. Chapter 2.

The stone table beneath me was freezing cold. Wearily, I opened my eyes. Jet black darkness had engulfed me. Fearfully, I tried to get up off the table, but found that I couldn't. It was like something, some dark force, had held me here. My head was throbbing. I couldn't think straight. There was no light and I couldn't see. I had no idea where I was. Calm down. I told myself silently. You are probably dreaming. Since when could you feel pain in a dream? As far as I knew, you couldn't. You are imagining the pain. No, I really don't think I was. It hurt too much to be only a fragment of my imagination. Giving up on that idea of hopelessly calming myself, I called out, "Help! Anyone... Anyone?" Aparently, nobody was here. I screamed. Nobody was here to hear me. Nobody was here to hear me scream.

There were men surrounding me when I woke up. I screamed. They laughed. "You're ours now. You're our trophy. You're our new pet." One taunted. I turned to look at them with eyes that showed my terror. They were not like any men I had ever seen before. Each wore pheasants clothes, only... It seemed all hazy, like... I gasped as I realised. "Yes, little screaming trophy. We're ghosts." I couldn't belive that this was who had captured me. Ghosts... the most feared creatures of the entire kingdom. They captured women who were wealthy, well gaurded, hard to capture, and most importantly, were afraid of them. They fed on fear. They lived on it. I screamed again,then realised I had made them stronger. The closest one leaned closer, and I could smell his cold, blood chilling breath on my neck. It smelt of the dark, uncontrolable storm clouds that terrorize citizens of the Kingdom. I lashed out with my fist. It passed through his body, instantly turning freezing cold. Screaming, I pulled it back, clutching it as it trembled, clutching it as a black frost covered it. "You see, little trophy, you can't hurt us. Whenever you try, you  end up like her..." he pointed to a woman, her face twisted into one of terror, her beautiful body covered in a black frost. "She fought back. She was one of the souls who have a stronger heart. She tried to fight us. You won't do that, will you?" he asked, each sylobol produced with a slow and deliberate tone. I shook my head, the whimper in my mouth.

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