Den of Scales - The betrayal

Eimer Mae'a, a sergeant in the Amerrian Imperial Fleet, is set on a course that will change him forever.
Unknown to him, an evil is surfacing on a planet far from home. The 63rd Imperial Fleet are ordered to assault the planet and remove the threat.
Things are, however, not as they seem and soon Eimer is fighting for more than his life.


5. The Drop

The pilots of the Kings Pride fired up the quad helion engines and noise consumed the small craft. The men of 2nd squad where fully geared and had their battle helmets firmly placed on their heads. The noise from the engines was muffled by the helmets anti-noise technology.

Eimer Mae'a opened a channel to his men. "We will be dropping to the right of Captain Deiphos' 1st squad. I want a textbook exit. Secure the emidiate area around the dropship. Caiphen, make sure that heavy are fanned out all around the ship. I do not want any side unprotected".

Caiphen replied with a short, "Yes, sir".

A loud boom shook the small dropships. The embarkationdecks voidbarriers had turned off and vented the atmosphere out into space. The clamps that had held the ship released and one after the other the five dropships launched out into space.

The small dropships started shaking as they entered the planets atmosphere. Bright blue and red flames licked the outside and illuminated the inside. A few minutes after entry to Keitan the dropships levelled out and began the approach to the landing zone.

Eimer turned on his vox-unit again. "We will be landing 2 miles from the excavationsite. First and third squad will advance on the north side of the compound and we will take fifth to the south. Fourth will stay back and secure an exit point as well as staying in reserve. This is no picknic, my friends. We are landing in hostile territory and I expect we will see some intense fighting before the day is out."

One of the pilots came on the intercom. "Sergeant Mae'a, we are approaching the landing zone, 2 minutes to touchdown".

"You heard the man, boys. Get ready to exit as soon as the hatch hits the ground". Eimer unclamped his rifle from the harness that had held it secure during the decent. "I want us out in ten seconds. The longer the birds are here the harder it is to keep our position a secret, so you all best be wearing your running boots". No one answered, but everyone knew the importance of staying hidden.


The dropships closed in on the red surface of the volcanic planet. The landing zone was tugged away behind high pillars of solidified lava. It almost looked like a forest of lava. At the top of the pillars smoke rose towards the sky and kept the dropships hidden from view. The air on Keitan was hot and acrid. Was it not for the high concentration of useful minerals and ores, a planet like Keitan would have been left alone. Instead it was now the theatre of a comming battle and Prime 202 was right in the thick of it.

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