Den of Scales - The betrayal

Eimer Mae'a, a sergeant in the Amerrian Imperial Fleet, is set on a course that will change him forever.
Unknown to him, an evil is surfacing on a planet far from home. The 63rd Imperial Fleet are ordered to assault the planet and remove the threat.
Things are, however, not as they seem and soon Eimer is fighting for more than his life.


1. Prologue

The year is 6573AD. The universe as you might know it has changed. Mankind is no longer alone.

For more than three thousand years, humans have colonized systems no one would have thought them able to.  At first, it was only the closest planets, Mars, and then the moon Europa around Jupiter. Great terraforming machines where the first to settle on the planets. Within years, humans could live and breathe in places you cannot even imagine. Big corporations started working to extract resources on the settlements. It was not long before conflict erupted. Small arguments where settled in a new interstellar court. However, the court did not have the power to enforce these rulings and before long, the corporations started arming themselves.

Within a few hundred years, the largest of the corporations had taken control of their own planets. Rules and regulations where now all up to the leaders of these mega corps.

By the year 4500AD, one single mega corp, TerraCor, controlled the solar system. Even earth had eventually submitted to their will. However, many large and small corporations had travelled even further into the unknown. Some did not survive for long, because either they did not find anywhere to settle or they had run into alien threats and were wiped out. Most, however, did survive and quickly colonized other solar systems.

As years past the contact between human settlements where lost. More and more of mankind had fanned out across most of the universe. Some of the corporations developed into democratic societies, but they were far apart. Most mega corps where ruled by one man. Some held an iron grip on their system, others were leaders because of birthright.

The mega corps started expanding beyond their home systems. The further they went the more hostile environments they met. Run-ins with new and unknown alien races got more frequent. The need for great military power was more real now, than ever before.

Some mega corps started creating great war machines and droid soldiers. Others enhanced their soldiers with biochemical agents. All in the name of conquest. It would not be long before these corporations ran into each other again.

Now, in the year 6573AD, the universe is at war. Mega corps battle each other for profit and power. The ideals of a peaceful society long forgotten. This is a time of conquest and bloodshed.

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