Den of Scales - The betrayal

Eimer Mae'a, a sergeant in the Amerrian Imperial Fleet, is set on a course that will change him forever.
Unknown to him, an evil is surfacing on a planet far from home. The 63rd Imperial Fleet are ordered to assault the planet and remove the threat.
Things are, however, not as they seem and soon Eimer is fighting for more than his life.


2. Going back

"MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! ... Fall back to section Delta Two", said the voice over the helmet intercom. "We need to regroup. Sergeant Eimar, take second and move on left flank. We need to keep them from breaking through". The voice belonged to captain Deiphos, commander of Prime 202, an imperial army special operations detachment, also known as the Warhounds.

Captain Deiphos was a cunning old dog with more than a dozen engagements under his belt. He had been commander of the Warhounds for more than 10 years now, which was rare due to the fact that commanders lead from the frontline. This was the way of the Imperial Army. "Why let some young snot-nosed rookie take the credit for a kill, when I can" was an often used remark from captain Deiphos.

The Warhounds had seen some hard times lately, but this engagement was by far the worst. The tactical counsel the commander and the sergeants of Prime 202 had held before they landed on Keitan was unusually quiet. The orders had come directly from Lord Thallion, High Commander of the 63rd Imperial Fleet.


"Keitan! Sir, why are we heading there again? Last time we barely made it out."

Deiphos looked at Sergeant Eimer Mae'a. "Do you question the High Commander of the Fleet?

"No, sir... It's just"

Deiphos cut him off before he could finish. "I don't like this any better than you do, Eimer. However, we are the Warhounds. We are made to go where no one else will. The High Commander knows this and trusts us to get the job done".

Eimer Mae'a took out his twin-barrelled pulserifle, held it out in front of him and glanced around at the other officers. "Then I expect I will get to use this... a lot!".

Captain Deiphos stood up and looked at everyone. "You can be damn sure we all will!".

Everyone looked around at eachother, knowing that this might be the last time they would all be standing here.

Captain Deiphos broke the silence. "You all know what to do. Prepare your squads and assemble at the dropships". The officers bowed resolutely, turned around and left the room.


Sergeant Eimer Mae'a had a grim look to him when Peta Shearron, sergeant of the 5th squad came up to him.

"Eimer, Eimer.... Eimer! ... Are you daydreaming?"

Eimer looked up at Peta, "Sorry, Peta. I just never thought we would be going to Keitan again. It is like hells asshole down there and if there is a place I do not want to be, it is there!"

"Really, Eimer? Was it that bad when you where there?". Sergeant Eimer Mae'a had been the only officer, besides the captain, who survived the last attack on Keitan. It had seemed to go as planned, until they attacked a large fortified outpost. The Intel on the outpost had been completely wrong. It was supposed to hold a small battalion of local conscripts, but it did not. As soon as the 13th Heavy Marines of the 63rd Imperial Fleet, supported by Prime 202 and the 7th armoured Hellcats, attacked the outpost they got hammered by heavy artillery and automated gun ports.

The ferocity of the Keitan army was without comparison. There where no special tactics or coordinated defence. Instead there was firepower and chaos. Keitan soldiers seemed to pour out of every little doorway or hole. They had no fear and made no attempt to take cover. It was like a stampede and within the first hour, the 13th Heavy Marines had lost about a third of their strength, the heavy armoured Hellcat tanks had stopped dead in the tracks and where unable to more further in on the outpost. The Warhounds had not fared any better. Loosing two squads to artillery and the 4th squad pinned down by rampaging Keitans. Left with two squads, Captain Deiphos had no other choice, but to take one squad to assist the 4th and order the last remaining squad to secure a point of exit.

Within eight hours the forces of the 63rd Imperial Fleet had retreated from the outpost.

Since that day the defeat at Keitan had been a thorn in the side of Lord Commander Thallion. He wowed to never make the same mistake again. Soon after Keitan, a new Fleet Intelligence Agency had been formed and no attack had been conducted without proper intelligence after that.

Sergeant Mae'a stopped and put a hand on Petas shoulder. "You see, Peta. Last time we had Heavy Marines and Hellcats. This time we are alone".

Peta looked at Mae'a. "I wish we knew what the target was this time."

"So do I, my friend. So do I". Mae'a let go of Peta and carried on towards 2nd squads chambers. Peta kept looking at Mae'a for a bit, then turned and headed towards 5th squad.

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