Den of Scales - The betrayal

Eimer Mae'a, a sergeant in the Amerrian Imperial Fleet, is set on a course that will change him forever.
Unknown to him, an evil is surfacing on a planet far from home. The 63rd Imperial Fleet are ordered to assault the planet and remove the threat.
Things are, however, not as they seem and soon Eimer is fighting for more than his life.


3. Dreaming

Eimer Mae'a was lying in his bunk. Only four hours until the drop to Keitan. He let his mind wonder off, as he had done so many times before. It was almost a tradition before embarking on a new mission. Somehow it seemed to clear his mind and prepare for the upcomming fight. This time it was a little different, though. This time, he did not think of tactics or fighting styles, instead his mind wondered back to a place he had not seem for years. His mind took him back to Amarria. The green planet that used to be home. It had been so long since he last touched the grass on the prairies or took a long walk in the woods.

Amarria, a planet more than three times the size of Earth, was covered in huge forests and grass plains as far as the eye could see. From orbit the planet was green everywhere. It was only when you really looked at the surface, that you could see the differences in texture and the hidden waterways, curling themselves around the planet like small blue snakes. It was a beautiful sight.

When the expedition forces of the Pius Empire first settled on the planet, it was full of all sorts of wildlife. Everything from easygoing slough-like creatures to dangerous six-legged lions. The largest of the creatures, a four meter tall rhino-like species, kept to the woods and seldom ventured out on the prairies. At first there had been many encounters between the new habitants of the planet and the native animals, but within a few hundred years a balance had been created where man and animal could coexist with minimal disturbances. The Pius Empire prided themselves on the ability to extract natural resources with minimal effect on the surrounding ecosystem.

It had taken decades to develop the machines for excavating iron ore underground, but when these machines started you could hardly see them. They where effective beasts and while running solely on electric power generated from massive orbital solar arrays, there where no polution. The Pius Empire knew that to survive, you had to maintain the rock you lived on.

The Pius Empire where once a part of TerraCor, building mighty extractors and terraforming machines, but as the leader of TerraCor and his closest advisors craved more and more ressources and had little or no interest in the welfare of a planet, Pius Manufacturing, as it was known back then, secretly built a mighty starcruiser, the Dawn of Humanity, and left the Sol system forever.

Those who survived the journey through space, had their prayers answered, when the scouting probes returned with information about a great green planet in undiscovered space.

Years past and turned into decades. After a few centuries the Pius Empire had fully settled the planet and started looking elsewhere. Amarria gave them all they needed to expand. They started building medium sized starcruisers to investigate the other planets around them. The Dawn of Humanity now served as a platform for spacetravel.

Now, the year 6573AD, Amarria and the rest of the Skotia system had been colonized. The Pius Empire had no less than seven expedition forces roaming the vast nothingness of space. Seaching for other life or fighting to maintain their own way of life. The 63rd Imperial Fleet, was just one of these.


Pounding on the door nearly threw Eimer off the bed. The door opened and a huge soldier entered the room. He was wider and taller than most. His face was more scars than actual facial features.

Eimer looked up. "What do you want, Caiphen? How long have I been out?"

In a stern voice, more like growling, he answered. "A few hours, sir. It is time to assemble at the dropship".

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