Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


2. There goes the secret my love

After history with Damon sapphire walked with Damon to the school grounds they walked Through the woods together, Damon with no surprise took sapphire's hand and kissed it and said, "you don't smell like the others sapphire,what are you " completely in a different world sapphire looked at him and said " I should ask you the same question Mr Salvatore " They stopped walking for a moment and with out warning Damon pushed her in to the nearest tree with fangs wide out and passionately kissed right on the lips , she stopped to realized she had also had her fangs out to they looked into each others eyes Damon was carefully stroking the side if her face he whispered in to sapphire's ear "I love you" she agreed and said "I love you to".

They herd the school bell from miles away sapphire giggled and said " race you back " he turned and agreed then as quick as flash they bolted back towards the school sapphire of corse had won they looked at each other and walked to drama together. In Drama Mr Troy was at the board and scribbles out the words Romeo and Juliet sapphire and Damon gazed at each other sapphire had not realized Mr Troy had stopped blabbering on about the star crossed lover and announced "am I disturbing you Miss Rose and Mr Salvatore" they looked up and said in harmony "no sir " he smiled and reply "then I shall continue" he continued talking out the lovers then when he had finished talked he told every one to pair up in twos Sapphire looked at Damon and returned the smile he walked up to sapphire and spoke " I am your Romeo and you are my Juliet , we have known each other only hours and still I can not describe my feelings for you my love when shall we see each other again " Sapphire blushed and said "tomorrow sees us together again " the school bell rang and everyone ran out of the room.

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