Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


6. The originals

As Sapphire woke she looked around to see she was no longer in the hotel room but in a big country house mansion, she quickly got dressed and walked down stairs. As she was entering the lounge she found her self pinned up to the wall by a beautiful blonde vampire, the girl called out " look what I found Nic " ,Klaus came in and immediately started shouting " Rebekah let go of my daughter, she is not food". The blonde vampire Rebekah let go of Sapphire and turned back to Klaus and said "your daughter, this is your daughter ow my god Nic why did you never tell " Rebekah started to shout. Klaus shouted back " because she ran from me for three thousand years " Rebekah replied " have you told mother , no wait of course not it was your big secret , well what’s stopping me from telling " she flew out of the room, Sapphire stood up Klaus looked at her and answered the question on Sapphires mind " that's my sister Rebekah , your auntie ". Sapphire looked at him and replied " great what next a mental grandmother " laughed Sapphire, Just then another blonde older looking vampire entered the room with Rebekah. Rebekah looked at the vampire and said " told you Nic has a daughter " The vampire looked Sapphire up and down then turned back to Klaus " why Nic did you never tell me , I'm your mother Klaus I could of helped ". Klaus looked at his mother and replied “Michael I couldn't risk him hunting Sappy down” , just then a werewolf pounced at Sapphire pushing her to the floor . Sapphire felt the fire inside her burn as she pulled it up to turn into a elegant white wolf with sapphire blue eyes, she looked at the chocolate brown male wolf as he throw his teeth into Sapphire's neck she pulled her self up and violently pounced at the male wolf and sunk her teeth in repeatedly,the wolf gave out agonizing cry’s of pain and slowly backed away from Sapphire turning back to human form.

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