Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


4. The meeting point

Damon sat in his house drinking wine , he was about to get in the shower to fresh up for sapphire after 5 minutes in the shower there was a knock at the door Damon called out Stefan answer the door.
Stefan opened the door and all he could say was "ow my"' as he looked sapphire up and down , sapphire looked at him and said "is Damon there and who are you"
Stefan looked at her in shock astonished "I am Damon brother Stefan " he replayed
Sapphire continued to look at him and said "I did know he had a brother " Stefan smiled and realised she can not enter with out permission.
He then said "your a vampire " in shock he then called out "hello Damon " .
Sapphire smiled as Damon invited sapphire in , sapphire ran to him and through her self in his arms as she kissed him . Her Stefan still in shock Rolled his eyes and said " please get a room" as he walked in the lounge.
Sapphire pulled Damon's hand and brought him out side, they walked towards the old oak bridge.
They stopes for a second and stared at each other she then point at a large crystal in the water Damon looked at her confused , she then stared to tell Damon what it was " this crystal is part of me a fragment of my soul if you can get it ,it belongs to you forever and always ". Damon agreed and said " you put it in running water to protect it,from what or should I say who" he laughed .
Sapphire blinked and watched Damon as he swung back and forwards on the vines of the willow tree as he move closer to the river he reached out and grabbed the crystal. When he was finally back on the bridge he laughed and said " let's celebrate sapphire smiled and agreed as they headed towards the pub.
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