Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


9. Remember me

Ester continued walking into the living room , just then Sapphire noticed the long silver chain in Ester's hands as she pulled Damon into the door way . He looked up at Sapphire blood dripping from his fresh wounds , Sapphire looked at him and thought .
"who are you" said Sapphire out loud.
" Sappy honey , it's me " replied Damon in a weak voice.
Sapphire began to growl at Damon stepping closer Damon looked into Sapphires eye a tear rolling down his cheek.
" I don't know , you iv never seen you before in my life" Sapphire nearly shouting .
" Please Sapphire remember me , remember the times we spent together , remember what happened on the bridge, I looked up at you Sappy and asked yo to marry me and you replied yes , I love you Damon, with all my heart , please Sapphire I am begging you to remember " Damon said looking into Sapphires eye.
Sapphire looked down to her left hand to find a blue diamond engagement ring on her hand , she played with it for a minuet then looked up at Damon, tears rolling down her cheeks ,
" i remember " cried Sapphire breaking the chain round Damons neck with a click of her finger. She looked up at Ester , who glared back the spell she had cast to stop Sapphire remembering was broken .
Just then a blond hybrid walked up to Sapphire smiling ,
" Lucy " said Sapphire as she put het arms around Lucy .
" your father called on me he thought you would need help controlling your full powers , it's been 1,000 years I'm so glad to see you" said lucy as she put her arms around Sapphire .
They both looked at each other and smiled ,
" just like old times lucky , just like old times" said Sapphire walking out the door Damon a few steeps behind.
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