Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


8. Please

there was a silence all off the people in the room was staring at Sapphire.

Sapphire took the phone from her purse and answered.

"hey were are you Sappy,this strange crystal thing is glowing like crazy what you want me to do with  it"  said Damon .

she hesitated and looked around everyone was staring at her Ester smiled and vanished ,

"smash it shouted Sapphire now you must to save your life".

as Damon smashed the crystal Sapphire feel to the floor she started to cry in pain as the second half of her sole returned with her full vampire side Sapphire suddenly found her self hungry for the taste of fresh blood.

Klaus crouched next to Sapphire and put his arm round her and rocked her.

"shh"he whispered.

"it hurts make it stop , please" cried Sapphire  in pain .

"you know how to make this pain go away Sapphire 2000 years without human blood enough to make any vampire cry" Klaus whispered in Sapphires ear.

He stood up and walked over to jug of fresh blood he poured out a small glass and place it in Sapphires hand.

Sapphire lifted the small crystal glass to her lips she slowly drank from the glass, she lifted her head towards the ceiling to revile a set of pearly white fangs she dashed over to the jug and drank the whole jug not dropping a single drop .

just then Ester returned she looked at Sapphire now dressed in a long black evening gown made of swan feathers

and said ,

"wow Sapphire you look different it must be the eyes "

Sapphire looked in the the mirror her pale pink skin was now a snowy ivory , her eyes were no longer the sharp shade of blue but a dark shade of piercing red .

Sapphire smiled as Ester pulled out of her bag a blood bag , Ester through it to Sapphire . Sapphire caught it ripped of the lid and drank the bag clean . Sapphire smiled as she looked up at Ester . 

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