Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


10. Lucy

We sat there sipping tea in a room lined with vervain . In fact every thing in the room was lined with vervain and wolfs Bain i look at Lucy,
" is this really necessary lucky "
She looked back putting her tea down ,
" yes , yes it is I don't want you trying to kill me while I'm trying to help you .
Just then sapphires phone rang she when to stand up nut she couldn't pain burned through her a she gave a loud scream . Lucy had tied her to the chair with rope , just then Lucy stood up and answered the phone,
" hello sapphire's phone "
"hello is sapphire there please put her on I need to talk to her , its an emergency" came a high pitched worried voice from the end of the phone .
Lucy turned to sapphire breaking a rope to free sapphires hand . Sapphire took the phone ,
" hello"
" sapphire your ok " Mias voice sang beautifully with these words " sapphire remember Carlisle well I went to him and asked him if he knew were you was , and he said he hadn't seen you in 2,000 years and was shocked to know were alive yeah and were are you"
" emm Mia what if I told you my father was here and has locked me up in a cell lined with vervain with a psychopath from my past who's gone to get more green tea in the middle of know were " replied sapphire nearly shouting .
" ok what if I was to say lucky I'm at the door looking at you with yes for the cuffs and a knife for the rope"
" I would say get me the hell out of her "
Just the Mia walked over cutting the rope trying not to touch it , when sapphire was free they ran far from the cells back to Damon's to pack sapphires stuff .
When they enter to find Damon with another girl sapphire slipped the engagement ring of her left hand and with as much force throw it at him he turned to explain but she was gone with out a trace .
Sapphire sped through the forest for hours when she began to slow she had reached the place were she was aiming for. A big wide open house in the middle of the woods she smiled and walked up the without hesitation and took the key from her pocket and let herself in , she walked into the living room to find 7 angry vampires crouched round the sofa .
One looked up at her his face calmed anger turned to complete joy , he had soft snowy White pale skin , beautiful honey blond hair that also matched his eyes that sparkled a warm deep gold , he looked like a model . He began to walk over to sapphire the others was completely confused he raped his arms around her .
" were have you been sappy my adopted daughter " he kissed her lightly on the head
" Carlisle Cullen I can't explain to you how sorry I was for taking of I was trying to protect you"
" I know " he whispered into her ear " and you are welcome to stay as long as you want"
" I know" she replied
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