Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


3. Another day

Sapphire had finished getting ready and was opening the door and to her surprise there stood , Damon he smiled and spoke in a noble tone "well are you going to invite me in Miss Rose " sapphire blushed and replied " give me a reason why I should let a handsome vampire like you in". they giggled together "shall we walk together Miss Rose" he held out his arm and headed towards the school after five minutes a voice ran up behind her "wait for me !" shouted the voice she turned around to see Mia she looked at sapphire and said " so how did your transformation go "
Damon pulled a puzzled face Mia looked from sapphire to Damon the she said " you haven't told him yet have you " Damon butted in " I am still here you know and what don't I know?"

" emm.... Damon I'm a hybrid you know a witch , vampire and werewolf " Damon started laughing he turned back to sapphire and said " you can not be serious " Mia had got bored and felt left out she then butted in " well her life story is simple she watched her father drain her mother (a witch ) of her blood after finding out she had had a child and didn't tell him,he got angry and has tried tracking sapphire down for three thousand years pretty much it " Damon looked at her and then at sapphire and said " you spent three thousand years running from your own dad wow that is kinda sad" sapphire felt kind of embarrassed and said " I have many reasons which you will learn as are relationship builds " she smiled as she put her coat in to her locker.
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