Friday night bites

Sapphire Was a girl with a secret when there's a new mysterious man in town and she falls in love everything changes, well least until the parents show up


1. Out of the ordinary

sapphire was drawing on her desk watching the clock when a dark figure appeared at the door, Miss Tiffany ran to the door with a huge smile on her face "hello you must be Damon " she spoke in a cheerful voice as the dark figure came through the door, sapphire lit up dark tall and dead sexy.
He had beautiful curly black hair which hung into curls just a both his ears,his eyes were as black as the night sky. He was gorgeous,sapphire turned to her best friend Mia and said "omg heaven is missing an angle " , Mia looked at her awkwardly but didn't say a word sapphire had already guessed why. She looked up to see Damon looking down at her they spent like what seemed like hours lost in each others eyes the he spoke.
"is this seat taken" sapphire didn't reply then realised he was still waiting for a answer she looked away from his and spoke "no,you can sit here is you want to"
He smiled and took a seat, sapphire looked at Mia shocked and scribbled down a note on a scrap piece of paper " he doesn't smell like the others "
Mia scribbled a note on the back of the paper " I can't see into his thoughts " they looked at each other and nodded he also shared the secret.
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