death by your own


3. why wouldnt they believe me...

why wouldnt they believe me, i tried to tell them i didnt do it, but they asked me who did it, but i knew i could never tell ... if they found out i said it was them... i would die never ever be set, free from their nasty little traps, but i told them who it was and the teachers said the girls would never ever do such a thing, they're lovely kind and certainly caring, i was thinking that they were talking crap! i told them in these exact words"mam... sir i promise i would never ever lie about this and i would never harm my self this bad, they were standing there like there was something happening.. with their dull brown eyes glancing at me, i couldnt stop them mam' please let me go home". They still didnt believe me, but they let me free and i went home.

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