death by your own


2. this is where my story starts...

The girls they still didnt speak to me, they made me so upset i wanted to cry, i ruined my chance to be one of them. so i tried to take a grip and forget but i couldnt hold it in,so i asked my geography teacher if i could go in to the toilets and blow my nose and wet my face, but as i got through the doors... four big girls standing in my way as if they knew i was coming i tried to barge through but knew it was the wrong thing to do, being skinny and small, they grabbed hold of me not knowing how tight they clenched, i tried to break free but i couldn't it didnt work, they tied me up against the boiling hot pipe that leaks gas from underneath, it started to make my legs go itchy and soar, i tried the struggle free but the more i tugged, the more gas leaked, my teacher came running, in and acused me of trying to kill my self, he wouldnt listen.

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