death by your own


4. end of story...

as soon as i got home, i dropped my bags as if i looked like i didnt care anymorem i went in my bedroom tears streaming down my face burning my cheeks, as if it were the gas, i locked my self in my bedroom lay on my bed , put loud music on as i always did, and cried. After a few hours past i got up and grabbed my chair, and got my dressing gown tie and tied it to my curtain rail and let it hang there , i grabbed my pocket knife and stabbed my self in the stomach and cut my wrists, finally i put my chair under the curtain rail .... unlocked my door and put my neck around the tie, i let my self hang and kicked the chair over... my eyes slowly closed, and this was the end to my story... my parents rushed in but they were to late .... they read the letter on my bed and they now no why i did this... i was gone, forever, so now you know this story suscribe to my page;) and like my stories thanks..

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