The Oddball: Story of a human anomaly

Seventeen going on eighteen. Here's the story of my life. No need for high fives. Cocooned in a lie. They say, "Live every day like its your last!". So you mean I must live in panic, huh? A diary is supposed to be private. Personal. But frankly I don't care. Its better if its read. No more lies. No more deceit. Everyone will know exactly how I feel. So here it is. Uncensored. Unedited. And oh yeah 'UN-FiCtionAl'. That's right.

DISCLAIMER: The following opinions are MY own. No way am I intending to hurt anybody's sentiments. The names of characters have been changed to maintain their anonymity. Guessing won't work. So don't sweat it. Just read it and chill. K.


2. 2012: A New Beginning. Hopefully!


15th April, 2012

Oh! We meet again. 2012. A year of independence. Well for me it is. I will finally be outta school and will step into the ‘Big Bad-Thrilling-Night life loving World!’ Its incredible to think of it, of my wish finally coming true. Well people say that there are no days better than the ‘Old School Days’. But its actually in college that you finally  get to enjoy! You have the liberty to do whatever you want -  party all night, bunk college, have boyfriends & no curfew! Its like your supposed to have it cuz you- are- in- COLLEGE! Actually now when I think about it  there are sooo many things to happen - new life, new ppl, new experiences and studying  a subject  ’I’  like. But as they say ‘Nothing in life comes easy’, the dream of the ‘Good Life’ is still 3 months away. *sniff sniff*. Before that  comes the grinding. The Grand CBSE Boards, the entrance exams, the results, the cut offs, the hopping from one college to another AND the endless wishing to get into Hindu College [hint hint- Rockstar! ]. And not to forget the cursing too. From bitter bashing the education system, the quota system, the college cut offs to the super intelligent kids getting 100% (about whom I am going to report to NASA as I am damn sure that they are decendents of ‘JADOO’ ) . Even when you look at them, its like they are about to extend their hand under the sunlight and say - ‘DHOOOOPPP’.  No kidding!

Also not to forget ‘THE DATE’. Will we die or survive or even WORSE - end up going to Africa! The date, news channels like Aaj Tak and India TV will have a monopoly, as they have already begun  their “Top- Secret- Stint- Operations” on it.  That’s right Laidais and Jantalman I am talking about THE ONE, THE ONLY……… ‘21.12.2012’. A round of applause please everyone! C’mon, now don’t be soo mean!  I bet the the Aaj Tak people will get an “Authentic Mayan Baba” to their studio and will show him doing some kind of tantric voodoo.  And ‘IF’ (fingers crossed) we end up surviving the Death day, they will claim to have saved the world! And Why Not? Aakhir wahi toh hain humare “Authentic SUPAARMEN”.   

Well I better just keep the hammer far from my reach that day. Soo much to happen and sooo little patience! I’ll just get back to my Eco book for now. Story of my life. *Tsk tsk*  


Who else do you think?



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