The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


2. Who that!


Didn't get much sleep, think I woke up ever hour on the hour. Got up, got ready, and headed down stairs. I could hear mum flipping pancakes. "Your up early " Mum said with a surprised look on her face. "Couldn't sleep " Eva replied in mumble. Scoffing 3 pancakes in her mouth. Took a swig of her orange juice and headed for the door. "Have a good day dear!" Mum yelled as I grabbed my backpack and swung it over my shoulder. Not replying, for putting me in this position in the first place.

Out side seemed to be getting colder. So I chucked on my hoodie and headed down the road.

Looking down the street right at the end. I noticed a house I'm shore I didn't see it yesterday, it was darkly painted and the lawns hadn't been mowed. Looked well out of place with the rest of the Maintained Street. Looks like something out of a haunted story. Shaking my head for even think of it.

"Hey wait up I heard" I turned to see Tyler jogging to catch up. "Hey" Eva replied. As we turned to head into the school, I see a group of three girls standing in a group. "How’s that "pointing to the middle girl? Tyler trying not to stare. " Sophie Harris" he said. Sophie has brown hair really long with little curls on the tips, skin tanned a bit darker then mine, and the biggest brown eyes I've seen. "Wow she looks like a super model" Eva replied. "She acts like she is." "Her parents." Tyler continued, "Are well off, so Sophie likes to show it. " "I'm sure we will just hit it off." Eva sighed.

"The girl on the left is Nicole Robertson, " She had blonde hair just past her shoulders with a bit too much makeup on, She didn't need it. Slim figure and long pink painted nails. She liked pink by what she was wearing.

"The girl on the left is Siri, she's really mean, "Tyler continued. She was wearing black, and had black hair cut in a bob to match what she was wearing. She looked emo but I think she just looked that way, just to look scary. The three of them looked stunning.

"Let's go meet some real people "Tyler sighed." Ummmm Eva whispered. " "Don't tell me your shy?" he smiled. "Nope just not sociable "Eva replied." You’re going to love them.” Tyler was off heading to the stairs where groups of people were standing. "Hey guys this is Eva" "Hi" I said awkwardly. "We know how you are, Tyler hasn't stopped talking about you since yesterday" said the girl in the middle. Tyler was blushing red. Coming from the girl standing in the middle of the group. "My names Zara Cooper, I live Next to Tyler." Zara had slim build, brown wavy hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. 


"My names Hayley Ryan, I live over the small river called Stone Creek." Eva thought Hayley Ryan had similar pale skin, red hair and freckles. But it really suited her. On the left of Hayley, was a tall girl. She had the height of a basketball. "Hi I'm Chloe Matthews." " Hi" Eva replied.

"I'm Jake Williams I'm on the footy team." Jake looked like a surfy mixed footballer. He had the build of a footballer, and the look of a surfy. He had blonde sandy colored hair and tanned skin. "Hey" Eva said.

Bbbbbrrrrrring the bell went. Grabbing my schedule out of your bag, "Damn PE" Eva said. Jake replied. "Same where doing basketball." "Great "Eva said.

Heading to the gym I headed for the change rooms, Looks like all the girls in the class had the same idea. Walking In I heard "Hi I 'm Sophie Harris." Eva said "Hi I'm Eva." Just wanting to let you in on some of our little rules." Sophie replied. "Like what!" yelled Eva?” Like this is my locker, and your choice is down the end of the corridor. " "Fine by me" replied Eva.

Eva making shore to make eye contact with Sophie as she slipped past her. "Bitch! "Eva thought.

Mumbling to her self she reached the last locker on the left corridor. "Hey" came a voice from her wright, "You got rules as well?" Eva replied, with an arched eye brow." "Yeah only one avoided Sophie and her misfits there all bitchs."

" My names Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam." Sam had a great smile, neatly pulled back black hair. "Eva" Eva replied. "Nice to meet you Eva." Sam said  "You to." Eva replied "Let's get this PE class over and done with Eva." Sam said "Sounds good." Eva replied

We headed out; the PE teacher was introducing himself as Hayden Peterson. "But you can call me Hayden." He was quite young looking Eva thought, he couldn't be much older then what she was. Surfing her eyes through the sea of students, standing there listening to what directions the teacher had given. Right we will have two teams; Hayden started splitting them in half. " By the looks there's going to be, three people that are on the bench for today."

"Any takers?" Eva, Sam and some scrawny looking boy put up there hand. "Thank you guys" Hayden said.

Sitting on the bench, Eva started to scan who she had met already. Sam seemed nice enough to answer any questions she thought of.

She could see Jake looking excited to get ready to take on however got in his way. Eva did a little giggle to herself. Eva spotted Sophie next standing posited, ready like a tiger to pounce on the ball if it came in her direction.

On Sophie’s wright Eva noticed a guy, she couldn't help starring. OMG she thought he is the hottest guy I have ever seen. Brown hair that shift slightly over his right eye. Tall but not to tall, just perfect height Eva thought. His smile OMG his smile. Eva stopped, looked at Sam cause Eva just had to know more about him.


Eva asked shyly, Eva had never been interested in boys before, so it was new to her. Eva always admired them, and been friends with them. But she had never been this interested in one.

"How's that guy on the Wright of Sophie?" " That's Nate” Sam replied in a dreamy tone. Sam snapped out of it, ”He's the hottest guy in school but there's a catch with him,” Sam continued he's been going out with Sophie for as long as I can remember, there apparently One Sole, Meant To Be, as Sophie puts it.”

Sam started making (Gagging Noises). Eva laughs." There was this girl that moved here not long ago, and she started to become friends with Nate. " "Sophie made it that hard for her, that the whole family packed up and moved on. " "Just for the warning." "Thanks" Eva replied.

"But being cute and really cute don't mean I'm going to be fighting Sophie and time soon, I'm a no drama person." Eva replied, "Great cause Sophie, was so horrible to that girl, and with her family's influence on this town!" She's dads girl, what Sophie wants daddy gives." Sam replied.

Eva watched Nate; He could play basketball like no one at high school she had ever seen. It was like he wasn't even trying, it was like he had some special speed, how he could go from one side of the court, to the other in seconds. Wow and slam the ball in the hoop, it was like Nate could jump from one side of the court and just, just, slam it with out ever missing. Eva thought, shaking her head, I'm being stupid.

Brrrrrrring saved by the bell.

The rest of the day went by fast again, but for the rest of the day Eva couldn't get Nate out of her mind. 

At night she had snuggled herself deep in her blankets, the beach won't be much good know, it was getting way to cool, She sighed. Then her mind wondered back to Nate how amazingly cute he was, Why! Why!  Was she so attracted to this guy by just looks and ability? She would some how have to talk to him, she thought. This is the only way I could get him out of my mind. When I meet him, his personality will shine through. If he's going out with her (Sophie) then how good could he be as a person?

That's it Eva made up her mind, "I have to talk to him," with out Sophie seeing. The last thing I need Eva thought, is Sophie on a power drive. (AND ME) being the target.

Eva drifted of to sleep, with that conclusion and her mind made up.





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