The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


4. That's weird?


I didn't get much sleep again; going to this school is giving insomnia. All I could think of is Nate. I know its wrong, but how can I get over someone like him? He is perfect in every way.

Then I felt sorry for Tyler, but there's not much I can do, is there

I Finally picked up my uniform yesterday. It doesn’t look to bad, pretty plain. Blue shorts or skirt, and a white polo shirt with the Forest Glen school symbols in the wright corner.

Grabbing my backpack, I checked to make sure I had no classes with Nate today.

Yeap PE straight up, Damn I thought. Grabbed my schedule throwing it in my bag I ran down to get some breakfast before my big day, my dodge Nate day.

" Morning" mum hollowed as I walked in " Good morning baby," dancing over to give me a kiss on my forehead." What's so good about it?" Eva mumbled.

"Well your looking at the new secretary for Forest Glen Enterprise." Grabbing what was left of juice in the carton. "You might know them? They have a girl your age at your school,

Do you know Harris?” Eva nearly spat the orange juice straight out, but it went up my noise. Eva was coughing and splattering.

"You all right dear?" mum said with concern.

" Of all the people to work for,  you chose them?" Eva couldn't believe it. "Their nice people" mum replied. "Their daughter isn’t she's a bitch."

” Eva what have I told you about that word?" "Be careful mum their not as innocent as they make out they are." Eva said.

Dad works away he travels all over the country with his job, he's not home much. But mum gets bored very easy so working fills in the time. "I will dear"

 Knock Knock "I'll get it" mum was half way across the floor before I could even blink. "It's for you dear."


I knew it had to be Tyler. " At the door stood Tyler, Zara and Chloe. "Hey”,"Hey you ready?" Zara replied. "Yea! I'll just grab my back pack." Eva said. Grabbing her backpack and heading for the door. "What about breakfast mum yelled." " I'm fine thanks mum"

"Bye" "Bye" Eva yelled back, before shutting the door.

We thought, Sophie won't try anything if where in a group. " Chloe sighed. " "Nope she'll wait till first period to jump on me." Eva said. " PE” they all hollowed" "YEAP!""It's ok I have to learn to face her soon or later." Eva replied with a whimper.

 As we walked to school in silence we headed through the cold wind. 


Didn't take long, before we were at the school gates. "There they are!" Tyler piped up. “We'll head in talking about what where doing on the weekend." Zara explained. "What are we doing on the weekend?" Chloe asked. "That's what we're going to work out." Zara said." Ok" they said in unison.

As they walk through the gate, past Sophie’s group they where in full discussion about what they we're going to do. Even if Sophie could, she wouldn’t of been able to get a word in, even if she tried.

There was a dance on in Lawson, which wasn't far from Forest Glen. They would stay at Zara's Auntie’s house the night and drive back the next day.  As Zara had a Auntie who had a holiday house there.

Bbbbbrrrrrring, "Here I go" Eva sighed. " Jake will be there so it wont be to bad. "Eva replied. Eva took off to PE; this is going to be tricky. One she had to deal with Sophie and two dodge Nate.

Heading for the locker room, she got ready, she had at least beaten Sophie there.

 She then headed into the gym. "Right” Hayden the PE teacher explained. “The people that didn't play last week sorry you’re in.” He split the teams into two groups. Eva had Jake and Sam, and on the other team you guest it! Sophie and Nate. I'll blend in Eva thought, I can do that.

But then the ball came straight to Eva. Eva grabbed it bounced and ran. Eva got it right to the net and lunged bam straight in. Cool Eva breathed a sigh of relief.

"Lucky shot" Sophie sneered. Nate came over and patted Eva on the back, I better watch my spot on the team Nate winked, Sophie heard this and looked furious. Great know it'll be on Eva thought.

Stuff her I thought I'm over her shit I'm not taking it any more.

So for the rest of the game Eva put them all out of my head, and just played the game. Heading back to the change rooms Eva was sweating like a pig, she played my heart out.

Sophie walked in "So you have the hots my guy do you!" "What are you talking about?" Eva yelled at her "The pat on the back, the smiles he's chucking your way."

"Don't tell me the queen of the school is threatened by little old me" Eva yelled at her.

Sophie brought her hand up to slap Eva across the face, when all of a sudden Eva imagined in her mind Sophie’s hair just catching on fire. The next minute it did. "

Eva screamed “Your hairs on fire." Sophie screamed and ran straight under the shower to put it out. Everyone was amazed and chattering about how the hell it just out of know where caught on fire. 


Eva got changed and left.

Eva was so stunned, how I could I imagine some thing like that and it just happened.

Naaaaa shaking her head it was a co incidence. Hope her hair is all right. Eva thought not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

At lunch Eva was meting up with everyone at the lunch table, seems the whole school was talking about it. Zara entered and sat down besides me, "saved by the burning hair," she laught. “It's not funny” Eva replied, "She could of, been hurt."

"There tiring to work out who did it?” Zara replied. They had to be behind her to light it." Chloe said.” Everyone’s getting their bags searched for a lighter." Zara explained.

Jake come over "Saved by the burning" Eva cut him off " We have all heard it, it's not funny.”

Jake sat down with a frown on his face, like we had just spoilt his fun." Did you see who would have done it?" Zara asked Eva."Nope I was to busy arguing." It's not as if Eva could tell them, she just thought of it in my mind then POOF her hair was on fire.

They wouldn't believe it any way, there's no way I could just think of something and it just happen.

" Where is she?" Eva asked guiltily. "Nate told me " Tyler explained, "She's gone to the hairdressers to get something done about it."

They all couldn't help it, they all burst out laughing.

The rest of the day was like a dream, Eva thought I might go for a walk after school go find this creek Hayley was talking about near her home, just for something different to do.

The bell rang I told the others I' ll catch them in the morning, and took off for my adventure.




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