The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


5. I can't believe it!


Eva actually had no I idea where this creek was. She had asked Hayley directions, but really didn't quite understand them. How hard could it be Eva thought? Eva turned right to head onto the dirt track, she at lest remembered that part. Now something about a grass track half way down the dirt track. The birds where chirping in the high trees around her, she wondered how old the forest actually was. It was just tall forest trees everywhere. There it is, the little grass track. 

Eva was getting excited, she had only lived in cities with high buildings and if you got lost you just asked someone, because there was always, someone to ask. But here there was no one.  Eva got a shiver run down her spin. Not because she was scared but because it was exciting and different. Eva headed down the grass track, it started to change from tall trees to more dense forest. "Cool" Eva thought.

It was starting to get colder; Eva zipped up her hoodie and pulled it over her head. Jumping a few dead tree branches, laying on the track. Know something about another track, heading towards the river. Your suppose to be able to hear the river from here. 

Eva stopped and listened. Yeap there it is the sound of running water, and there's the track. Following it she came to an opening and the river was so pretty; the water was crystal clear, cold looking probably because it was freezing. There was a bridge just on to right, of we're she was standing. 

Looked like it was made from bricks.  A big brown brick bridge stood in an arch, from one side to the other." Wow" Eva thought. Eva walked over to the water edge, and tried skimming rocks through the water. Eva’s dad had shown her when she was young.

Eva went to pick up a small rock, brown, very smooth. Eva went to angle her body to just get the right skim. Then Eva heard a noise, it was like footsteps she could here the dead leaves crunching from under whatever or who ever was coming. She froze. What if it was a wild animal? Do they have people eating animals here, Eva wondered. She had the rock in her hand and her body poised ready.

Then it came into the clearing and without thinking Eva throw the rock write into the direction of the track. Eva heard a scream "Ahhhh! What the hell was that?"" Who's there?" Eva yelled. Then who happened to walk into the clearing?

" Nate" Eva stood there in disbelief, "I am so sorry " Eva replied. 


With her hands over her mouth. Nate’s face changed from angrier to answers. "Why did you throw a rock at me?" " You got me write in on my check." Nate said in confusion.

"I didn't know if you were a wild beer, or a something wanting to eat me." Eva replied. "I have never been in a forest before, I was protecting myself, I am really sorry." Eva said in horror. Eva walked up to Nate; she pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and handed it to him. "I really am sorry." Eva said, with a puppy dogface. She uses on her parents when she's in trouble.

"It's cool, why are you out here by yourself?" Nate said. "I want to explore." Hayley told me about the river, and I was looking at it as adventure. Something different. Eva replied. Eva thought about it, Nate was questioning her; it was his turn to be questioned. What was he doing here any way? Eva thought. "Why are you here?" "I mean in the forest." Eva asked.

Nate replied." I live just over the bridge, I was walking home. I usually have a quite walk home and get no injures. “Nate was smiling. His smile! OMG his smile. Eva thought. Eva smiled back, "And some crazy person, hiding in wood come out of no where, and throw a rock at you?" Nate giggled.

Omg his giggle was even cute. "Sophie see's you as treat," Nate continued that's why she's giving you a hard time."" I don't no why?" Eva replied. "I don't want her position as top dog, in the school. “Eva said." It's not just that, we haven't being seeing eye to eye lately, Sophie’s changed. “Nate explained. "We have been together so long, she's worried." Nate said.

"I don't know what to tell you Nate, but she's out of control." Eva explained. Eva wanted to ask if he was in love with her, but it wasn't Eva's right to ask, she new that. "Why did you have a rock in your hand for Nate asked Eva?" " I was skimming rocks across the water. “Eva replied, feeling really childish. "Cool” Nate replied. "Are you good at it?"" Not really" Eva said.

Nate went over grabbed a rock, and skimmed it across the water. It skipped across two times before plopping in the water.” I bet I can do better then that." Eva smiled, in a challenging voice. Eva chose her rock carefully, and then headed to the water. Eva took her angle then throw, it skimmed across "One" she counted "Two ""Three “Four."" Yeah!" Eva jumped in excitement. Nate smiled." Compedative little thing aren’t you?"

Eva stopped jumping; he probably thinks I'm an idiot. "OMG" . Eva thought. Nate’s face just had a big smile. So Eva smiled. "Your different" Nate smiled. "I'm different?" Eva replied. "In a good way." Nate smiled. Eva felt her face go red, Nate could make her feel so comftable one second, to completely shy the next. There was a loud (CRACKING ) noise as a branch broke, they looked at each other.

The sound came from the forest on the left of them. Nate grabbed Eva and pushed her behind him. Then something happened, it came at them so fast Eva didn't know what it was. Eva had hold of Nate’s back one second. The next he was gone. Eva stood there trying to work out, was happening. Eva could see just over the bridge, there was a clearing. And it was as if two animals were having argument, but it was in fast forward.

Like fast fording on a remote control watching a movie. "Yeap" Eva thought. fast fording on a movie. Eva ran over, she wanted to get a closer look, but not to close. It was over by the time Eva had got there. She was sure; she had seen what had looked like a grey, very fluffy grey wolf run away.

Eva looked down, and Nate was lying on the ground not moving. She ran over to him. Keeping one eye out, for that dog looking thing. In case it came back. Eva turned Nate over, he had cuts on his face, like claw marks, Eva thought. Eva didn't know what to do she leant over him tears started to well up in her eyes.

Eva knows was in full balling mode. Her tears where flowing like a river. Eva didn't know Nate was now holding her in his arms looking down at her. "It's ok.”Nate said, as he stroked Eva's hair. "I'm going to take you home. "He picked her up and carried Eva home. Eva looked around the Forrest now looked like a blur.

Nate got just near Eva's house and Nate stopped he placed her on a tree branch. Nate cupped Eva's face in his hands and brought her face up to look to look him in the eyes. "Eva "Nate whisper in a quite whisper. "Eva "he repeated. Eva was looking at Nate, Nate’s beautifully eyes. Nate whispered, " Its ok Eva I'm ok. "Eva ran her fingers over the scars that had nearly healed. "How" Eva thought. Eva didn't care, Nate was holding her. Eva just wanted to kiss them lips just have him hold her. Nate put his arm around her and held her close. "I'm ok "Nate repeated.

"We'll talk tomorrow,” he promised. "Go have a warm shower, and some tea, because you must be getting hungry."" We will talk tomorrow."" It's a lot to take in I know, I'll try explain tomorrow." 


Yes" Eva replied. Nate took Eva's hand gave it a light kiss, and was gone.

Eva sat back down; he's gone she thought. "What had just happened?" Every way she looked at she couldn't understand it. Eva eventually got to her feet and did what Nate had told her to do, Eva had a hot shower, she let the water run on her body then cupped the water in her hands to wash her face. Lucky mums late from coming back from her first day at work .Eva thought.

How could she explain this afternoon? Eva told her mum everything, but not this. Eva thought not this. Eva got herself together she felt confused. Eva thought Nate was dead. "I'm not going to think about it, she thought I'll try work it out tomorrow". "And I get to see Nate again," Eva smiled.

Eva headed down stairs, her mum had came home when Eva was in the shower. She could hear her, getting the plates out. "There you are?” Mum hummed. "Sorry I'm late, I put in extra hours so I could show my new bosses, how much I'm enjoying my new job." Eva had one more problem, her mum’s new job. "Would it be safe if Nate dumped Sophie?" Eva pushed it back to the back of her mind," I'm not thinking about that tonight either."" I'm just to tired."" Are you ok?"Mum asked with a worried look on her face.

"Yeah mum, just haven't been sleeping really all that good."" Is it your new school?"" I know it's hard to start with, but it'll get better. "She kisses my forehead. "I picked up some pizza."" So have tea hop into bed, get a earlier night" Mum replied. "That's my plan" Eva said scoffing down a pizza, she was hungry she just didn't no how much. Eva had tea dragged herself to bed. Eva was asleep as soon as her head had hit the pillow.

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