The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


3. Here I go!


Waking up I shivered, brrrr Damn cold. Throwing the covered back over my head. Come on just get today over and done with. Two more days till the weekend, “Thank god.” Eva thought.

Got dressed headed down stairs. No one there that's weird! I found a note on the bench.

Just heading into town for a job interview.

I'll be home this afternoon, breakfast is in the oven.

Have a good day.

Love mum xoxo

Eva headed for the oven two eggs and a sausage; Eva grabbed the plate and the carton of orange juice out of the fridge and took a seat.

Knock, knock. Who could that be? Eva thought. Heading to the door she opened it. Tyler was standing there." Hey thought you might want a companion to walk to school with." "Shore come in, just eating breakfast." They went and took a seat at the table. "How are you enjoying Forest Glen High so far?” Tyler asked? "Not to bad "Eva replied with a mouth full of food." Met that Sophie chick yesterday in PE! She is as lovely as you described her to be." "Yeah warned ya."

Placing the plate in the sink and carton of juice back in the fridge. "Let's go" Eva replied.

Outside was just as cold, as they stepped out in the freezing cold windy, druy day. "What's up with the dark house at the end of the street?" Eva asked Tyler. "The locals don't really talk much about it, the say the house has a curse on it, and some old guy use to live there that they thought was a warlock, he use to practice black magic." "But I think they where just scared of him.” "Forest Glen just keeps getting better! Sure Sophie wasn't related to him? "Eva replied. They both giggled. 

Heading to the school gates she could see Sophie and her group standing at the gate, and who happened to be standing with them! NATE. Eva's legs went like jelly. How where they going to slide past them with out getting notices. (They weren't.) "Here we go "Tyler said taking a deep breath. Sophie was the first to speak, "look who we have here! You work fast, Tyler is she your new girlfriend?"

" Didn't think it was any of your business Sophie, or do I have to get your permission on who becomes my friends?"Tyler replied."Touchy, Touchy.” Sophie teased.

 Nate shook his head. I wondered, as I slide past them, if he was shaking his head at us. Well he's living up to be my prince charming.

The bell rang I had art, one of the classes I haven't had yet, I wasn't particularly good at but I enjoyed it. I walked in with Zara as we shared the same class. Good I thought taking a quick look around, (no Sophie). And grabbed a seat with Zara, at a large table at the back.

 “We shouldn't sit here,” Zara whispered. “Why?” Eva replied. Next thing Nate and another guy walked in took a seat at the opposite end of the table.

“Shit!” Eva thought. The teacher was explaining, we had to get into groups of 4 for drawing life like pictures of fruit. And seem everyone was sitting in groups of it worked out perfect. Eva thought at least I can get this crazy crush, if that what is was over and done with. Nate’s real colors will shine through, and I'll see what an arss, he really is. Zara had a half smile half frown. “What's up? ”Eva whispered. "Tell you later, but this is not good." Zara replied.

Nate smiled "Hi I'm Nate your new here?” "Yea my names Eva.” Omg his smile could just melt me, he was so cute his little dimples on each side of his mouth as he smiled. "Glad to meet you Nate smiled."

The teacher placed a bowl of fruit in front of them. “I want you to cross hatch, and shade.”” Get it as real as you possibly can.” The teacher explained. The teacher placed a pile of all shades of lead pencils in front of Nate. Nate handed some to Zara, Zara said "thank you" with out looking up. Handed some to the guy beside him, I think I caught his name as Luke. And  Nate turned to me passing them over, as Nate touched my hand, as he placed them in my out stretched hand.

We held it there for as second, just staring. I had electricity run down my arms, it was like he felt the same feeling; he wasn't going to pull away. ”Damn” Eva thought grabbing her hand back in a hurry. Zara starred at her, like she had seen what had happened. Lucky no one else had seemed to notice. After that I'm sure Nate kept getting quick glances in when he could.

The bell rang and Zara and I just about ran out the room. Zara said, "What was that all about?" "What." Eva replied trying to be innocent.

"You and prince charming?”” Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about, you know he's going out with Sophie Harris, and I like you girl! but she's one tough bitch ta pick a fight with." Zara replied.

 “I honestly don't want to pick a fight with her, It's the last thing on my mind" Eva said.

 I don't know when we touched, it was like I had electricity run through my arm.” Eva continued, “I know it sounds weird but I think he felt the same."

" Right" Zara said. We have to think of away to keep you both away from each other, Cause your damn fine and any boy would be tempted by you" replied Zara." if I was a guy you'd first on my list, your lucky you haven't had any run ins with Sophie yet."

" Ummmm" Eva replied. “Damn girl tell me what happen, as we go grab lunch, see if we can't get ya out of this mess." Zara said.


We hit the cafeteria to find our group sitting all together having a conversation. I spot Sophie and her group sitting eating salad and drink water. I grab my purse out of my backpack and head up to the counter. There's a bit of a line up, so I was standing there half in a dream.

"Hey we met again,” Nate said with a smile." " Hi" Eva replied hesitantly. The line moved up so Eva turned around suddenly when her purse went flying out of my hand. Nate caught it with ease.

"You should be more careful, he smiled." " He handed her purse, she was carefully not to touch his hand. The last thing she needed, was them standing there staring at each other in front of the caffertia or worse (Sophie.)

 "Thanks" I replied and turned slowly towards the front. I could feel him standing behind me. It took every bit of my strength not to run while I could. "Next!" Thank god" I thought. Grabbing a meat pie with a satchel of tomato sauce and a cola. I nearly ran back to my seat. 


I placed my tray down and went to grab a chair. Zara shaking her head replied, I filled in the other guys on ya problem. Which they all just witnessed. We're going to help." Tyler looked upset." Are you ok you look sad." Eva asked." Tyler likes you" Chloe explained. “I'm sorry Tyler this wasn't suppose to be this way, I have never been interested in a guy in anyway before but friends." " I don't understand it." Eva replied in a un happy voice.”

Eva ate her lunch quietly, and spent the rest of her day, just getting through. She didn't quite understand this thing between her and Nate, but she didn't want to find out.




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