The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


7. Eva's new adventure


Eva woke, Wow what a day I had yesterday. What is Nate? He can't be human like us. There's No way! Eva thought. Eva got dressed and headed down stairs. The more I think about it, that wolf or dog, had something magical about it to. Nate promised he would tell me today; I get to see him, look into those eyes, I dreamt of last night.

"Good morning, your looking better this morning." Mum said as she placed two pieces of toast and a glass of juice down on the table for me. " Thanks mum I feel better" Eva had breakfast and grabbed her bag and took off to school, she couldn't wait to see Nate any longer.

As Eva approached the school gates she could see Nate. Nate always looked so good, like he never had a bad hair day in his life. But he was standing with Her (Sophie) Eva thought.

Nate had Sophie’s hands they were talking. I can't handle this Eva thought as she rushed past them. As Eva past she could here Nate asking Sophie to dinner tonight. What! Eva thought. How could this be? Maybe Nate was playing me, Eva thought. But Nate seemed so genuine, I don't understand.

With that, Eva never seen Nate for the rest of the day. To think of it, Eva thought, I never seen Sophie all day either.

The bell rang and Eva had planed to meet Zara and the group, so they could go over the plans for tomorrows trip. As they where walking, to head to Zara's they heard a noise behind them.

" Eva" Nate replied. " May I talk to you for a second?" Eva's friends where know around Eva, in a circle ready to defend for her. "It's only me!" "Nate" As the group started to back away. "Sure" Eva said. "Can we go somewhere to talk in private?" Nate asked. " I’ll catch up with you guys tonight and we can go over our weekend plans." Eva told her friends. "You better take care of her" Tyler sneered, as he looked Nate up and down. "I have no intention of hurting Eva." Nate explained. "Better not, we're watching you." Tyler said as they walked off in their group.


"Its good to see there protective of you." Nate replied. " There very protective" Eva said. "Aren’t you supposed to be heading to dinner?" Eva replied with an arched eyebrow. "Eva we have so much to talk about, but it's not the time to go through everything now." I want you to know, that tonight I'm breaking up with Sophie." Nate took Eva's hand. "Eva can I ask you something?" "Yes" Eva whispered in a gulp" How do you feel about me? "Are you scared of me, and of what happened yesterday?" Nate asked unsure what the answer would be, and how he could fix it.


"I think you know how I feel, I can't stop thinking about you, and I’m not scared of you, just confused." said Eva. "I feel the same Eva, I want to be with you, but I don't want to hurt Sophie" Nate continued " After I break up with Sophie tonight, can we see each other in private? Just till she gets use to being with out me."

"I think we should wait, I don't want to be sneaking around behind people's backs, if you like me as much as you say, you'll wait." Eva explained.


" I'll wait, you know I will." Nate answered back. Nate looked at Eva " Just remember this, I'm thinking of you." Nate said as he turned around and was gone. Eva stood there; he's gone, Eva thought, how can he move so fast? She looked the street up and down, no site of him. Wow, it was like he just disappeared.

Eva headed home, got out of her uniform and grabbed something to eat. Then headed to Zara's.


Eva was looking forward to spending time with her new friends, she hadn't felt this comfortable with people her age a for along time. Now Eva had a group of friends that would do anything for her, and she had only known them a week. Eva smiled. Who would of thought that a little country town could of turned out to be, the best place she had ever lived.

Standing out of the front of Zara's house, it was similar to the rest of the street. White painted with a white picket fence. Eva rang the little bell on the front door. Brrrrrang. Eva couldn't help laughing. it sounded so sick. "Coming" Eva heard Zara running to the door. "Hey come in to my humble abod". Zara said with a smile. "We"re in the lounge, would you like a drink?" Zara asked Eva. "Na i"m fine, thank you."

Following Zara into the lounge room. "Hey" everyone said in unison. "Hey" Eva replied. "So you going to tell us what prince charming wanted?" Zara asked. "You don't waste time do you!" Eva said with a smile. "Nope spill it" Zara asked. "Well Nate's breaking up with Sophie tonight" They all stared at each other in amazement. "Nate's leaving Sophie, Sophie that he has been with since as long as I can remember, so he can be with you?" Zara said. " Pretty much “Eva replied. They were all silent, as they couldn't believe it. " You realize that there are going to be big repercussions" Zara replied. "Were not going to jump into a relationship, it'll will be a relationship built of time. “Eva explained. " Ok, enough on your love life, let's plan this weekend." Tyler said with disappointment in his voice.


By 9 o"clock they had it all worked out. They all headed home to get a goodnight sleep, for they were heading of early the next day.


Eva woke; she had set her alarm 2 hours before they were about to leave. What a week! It was like she had been at Forest Glen a month. Eva got up got dressed and packet her bag. It took Eva awhile just to choose the dress she was going to where. It was a black dress with a silver lace, Eva choose silver matching high heel shoes. Perfect she thought. Eva headed down stairs.

" You're up early" Eva said to her mum. " I wanted to say goodbye, and make sure you know to ring me when you get there." Mum said looking worried. " I will mum, I'm only going over night, I'm sure we will be just fine." " I made you breakfast you can eat it on the way." Eva's mum replied. We heard a car pull up in the drive way." "Be safe" mum said giving Eva a quick kiss on the forehead. " I will mum, stop worrying."

Outside the group was waiting. Zara, Chloe, , Tyler and Jake. Jake pulled up in a gold four-wheel drive.

We loaded all the bags in and took off. Eva was excited, it was like another adventure.

Jake and Tyler sat in the front and us girls sat in the back. "Turn up the music" Zara yelled.

They all sang at the top of their voices till they got to Zara's aunties house.

Pulling up to the driveway Eva couldn't believe how big Zara's aunties house was. "Wow" Eva replied amazed. "That has to be the biggest house I have ever seen!" The house was a two-store brick house, which curved, around a giant pool. "Zara's auntie has heaps of money,” Chloe said with a smile. They entered the house, through the giant timber front doors.

" Which ever room you find it's your for the night, but mines the one up stairs on the right." Zara replied. They ran of to find a room. Eva decided to head upstairs. There were 4 bedrooms upstairs, Eva peeked in the one on the other side of where Zara was sleeping. It had a four-poster bed, a huge TV. The linen looked as if it had been steamed iron. Not one crease. There was a balcony. Eva throws her bag on the bed and head for it. Omg Eva thought. The balcony had views of the pools and all the mountains in the area. It had a table and two chairs. This is better then a hotel, way better. Eva picked up her phone and gave her mum a quick call.

Then headed back into the room. Zara walked in. " This house is unreal, isn't it?" Zara asked. " Unbelievable" Eva answered. " "There's a bathroom just down the hall, mine has a ensuit so knock yourself out,” Zara said. "Tonight, we'll have tea at a restaurant down the Main Street, then head of to the dance. Zara continued", "Want to head down to the games room with the others?” Zara asked. " Yeap sounds good" Eva said. The group talked, played pool and swam around the pool. It hit 4 o'clock and decided it was time to get ready.

Eva had a shower blow-dried her hair, got into her back dress slipped on high heel shoes. Just a bit of make up and there done. Eva headed back to the room, went over to the giant glass mirror and admired. " Yeap that should do it." " Wow" Jake said standing behind Eva. Eva could see Jake's reflection behind her in the mirror. " How serious did you say you were with Nate? I'm sure I could give him a run for his money." Jake said giving Eva a playfully jab in the arm. " Thought you only went out with cheer leaders?" Eva replied giving Jake a hard jab back in the arm. " Aaahhhh" Jake mocked playfully. Tyler walked in, Zara said we"re going to be late, if you two are finished mucking around." Tyler said not sounding to happy. " Sorry" they both replied in unison.

"Ready" Zara asked as we come down the windy staircase. " Yeap let's party,” Jake said as we headed out the door. "I have called for a taxi, so they shouldn't be to far away. Zara replied.

" Its a bit dangerous leaving the car in the street, there's a pub a cross the road from the dance and people usually decide to trash anything, after have a few drinks.” Zara continued. " People don't usually have any problems, more property." Eva thought that the pub was one place, that didn't sound really that appealing. "Well have to walk on the other side of the road, when we have go past it." Zara said. We haven't ever had any worries.” Zara continued. " Sorry if I am scaring you Eva, but better to tell you know so you know what to expect." The maxi taxi pulled into the driveway, and off they headed.

They pulled up outside an Italian restaurant; it had an eating area outside as well as inside. Outside it had vines growing over the timber lattice on the side of the veranda. It had tiny little fair lights woven through it. So pretty Eva thought. They ordered tea, and head out side to eat. Chloe had told Eva how they had been to many of these dances, and how fun it was.

They paid for there meal, and headed to the dance. It was a pretty dark night, Eva thought. As Eva looked at the sky, there must be cloud cover because she couldn't see any stars.

Eva could see the hall where the dance must be. There where lights flashing and load music.

Then Eva looked across the street to see if she could see the pub. There it was seemed pretty tame. As they walked past the pub, on the other side of the road. There looked like hardly anyone was in there. Eva sighed in relief.

They got to the door where two huge bouncers standing on either side. We paid the entrance fee and headed in. Zara and Chloe grabbed Eva’s hand " Let's dance" as they dragged Eva onto the dance floor. Eva thought her legs were going to fall off, and headed to the counter where they sold drinks. " Just a coke" Eva replied as she waited for the chick to get it for her. " Hi" came a big built guy standing beside Eva." Hi" Eva replied. " My names Grant, want to dance?" Grant asked Eva.

" I'm just about to grab my coke and sit down,” Eva continued " I've been dancing with friends and I think they have worn me out,” Eva said with a smile.

" Well maybe later" Grant said. " We'll see" Eva smiled. Eva paid for her drink headed over to where Jake and Tyler were seated. " See you have a fan club already" Jake smiled.

" Just a friendly guy wanting to dance" Eva replied. They sat there watching Zara and Chloe dancing away on the dance floor. Eva giggled. " There having heaps of fun" Eva said to Tyler.

" I don't know how they have the energy?" Eva explained. Zara came over to the table had a sip of her drink and turned to Eva. " Come on let's dance" " But my legs" Eva mumbled. " Stop complaining" Zara smiled.

As they headed to the dance floor Eva was grabbed by the arm. " Your ready to dance with me" Grant told Eva. " I'm dancing with my girlfriends, sorry. “Eva replied.

" No you promised me a dance,” Grant said in an annoyed voice. " No I didn't" Eva yelled.

The music was so loud; she didn't think anyone could hear her. " You did, and you will, or else." Grant said just about yelling it. " Or else what! " Eva yelled back. "This" Grant grabbed her arm again. Eva tried to pull it away, but he had it lock tight in a grip. Next minute someone had swung Grant flying across the other side of the room.

Standing beside her was, Nate. " What are you doing here?" Eva asked. " That's no way to speak to someone that just saved you? “Nate said with a smile. " By the way I can’t blame him, I'd want to steal you for a dance to." Nate replied. Zara wondered over. " I was wondering were you got to?" Zara replied. " Well" Nate went on " If you where paying more attention to Eva then dancing. You would have seen that Eva was just attacked." Nate explained in an angry tone. " What! Are you ok Eva?" Zara asked, as she checked Eva over like her mother would of. " I'm fine, stop fussing." Eva told Zara. Chloe came over, "What are you doing here" Chloe asked Nate when she seen him.

" Doing what your suppose to be doing, protecting Eva from being attacked." Nate said getting angrier. " Omg I'm fine" Eva yelled. The lights turned on, they had announced over the speaker that they were closing. Jake and Tyler walked over to the group. "What are you doing here?” Tyler asked Nate in surprise. " While you guys were sitting at the table, talking to those girls. Eva was attacked." Nate yelled. " You told me to look after her, and you can't." Nate was getting furious.

Eva thought she better charm the situation down. " Look no harm done, so stop arguing. “Eva yelled.

"No more" Eva said.

" Fine, for you" Nate whispered to Eva. " And you haven't answered my question Nate, what are you doing here?" Eva asked. " I over heard you all making plans to come here, when you walked past me at school." Nate continued, " I was worried about the pub and you getting home, so I wanted to make sure you were ok." Nate explained. " Nate you can't always be there for me." Eva explained.

" Nate took Eva's hand. " I will always be here for you Eva, I can't ever see you hurt" Nate said with puppy dog eyes. Damn Eva thought Nate can use them just as well as me.

Everyone could you please leave the hall, they turned around to see they where the only ones left in the hall. "We better go" Zara said as they headed for the door.

They stood on the step. Eva forgot her jumper and was starting to shake, from the cold. Nate took off his jumper and warped around Eva. " I'll watch you grab your cab, to make sure your safe" Nate explained to Eva. Eva knew there was no way he was going to leave her, till he knew for sure, she was safe.

" What you don't think we can"t protect her,” Tyler asked in a grumpily voice. " Not after tonight" Nate told him. " Where are you staying?" Zara asked Nate. " I didn't really make plans" Nate replied.

" No of coarse not, you boys don't think. “Zara said. " You just have to save the girl and be the hero." Zara mumbled.

" Follow us in the taxi and you can stay at mine" Zara explained. " But this is wrong, what happens" Tyler stopped and looked at Eva. " If what?" Eva asked. " "Well deal with it later" Zara said really quickly. " We'll head to where Nate's cars parked and call a taxi,”Zara explained.

" Just this way" Nate explained. And they followed him. They got to the corner and turned left. They could see Nate's car just on the other side of the road. As they got about half way to it, when a group of guys walked out of an Ali way. Shit Eva thought, as they got closer, it was that Grant guy, with 6 other guys and they had sticks in their hands. Eva thought they were waiting for us.



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