life of a model

who is this girl??what is she doing??
Is she always the same??
what does she want?


1. glass in-between


 "C" knows she is beauty, energetic, humorous and open,she needed to get polished and trimmed to get her physically into the profession at the first but those were all past exercises she rarely remembers these days..She is confident about the future and ignores her behind the glass.She is not ready to know the story in-between the glass.She is so mentally strong to ignore those stairs searching her's heart which is half opened to the photographer and to everyone in the competition.She is the queen for herself and for many  guys like myself.

Her hairstyle doesn't seem simple so can't be a Nurse as she is all dressed in those white lingerie and those roses on her cheeks means she is not a house wife as she puts her hand in her head to show some tensions.She is fool who is trying to fool all the writers like us.

she is someone who haves a better present but never a good future.she is the one who will have a name but always lack fame.She is someone who have a life but will be treated like source of entertainment.So she is a model.

she is shooting in front of  a glass case where her future is shown.The girl behind those glass used to be alike her and she soon will be behind those glasses too when someone alike her will replace her.Those men are the colors who have given life to many like her,they are the real model for everyone in front of the case.they are not a life but statues with hearts and blood running through it.



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