I Hate You

Thea is a young pretty girl who instead of love from her parents get's hate.Abused as a child and beaten till bones burned Thea is growing up unloved.Thea never understands why her parents don't love her but love her younger sister Summer.All the badness forms inside Thea as a power of hate.And one day Thea can't take it any more.

This is my story for competitions.Please hit like,fav and comment feedback will be brilliant.


5. Dad

I still couldn't believe I had slapped my father that was so not me the shy scared girl but I felt proud .My father broke the door and came inside his face bright red full of anger.

"come" my father shouted.

"No" I replied going a few steps back.

"Come Here right now"My father repeated.

"No never" I replied.My father took a gun out of his hand and checked its bullets.

"Help" I screamed.

"I never loved you anyway" my father shouted looking for a place to shoot me. I tried to take the gun out of his hand.

"Get off" my father screamed.

"No"I shouted as my father shot my left arm.

"Arrgh"I screamed as blood poured everywhere. My father looked at me and realized his mistake he had shot his daughter.

"I can't believe I shot her oh no what have i done death is the only way out of it I'm sorry my child I love you" my father shouted placing the gun in his head and boom my father lied right beside me and my world turn black. 

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