I Hate You

Thea is a young pretty girl who instead of love from her parents get's hate.Abused as a child and beaten till bones burned Thea is growing up unloved.Thea never understands why her parents don't love her but love her younger sister Summer.All the badness forms inside Thea as a power of hate.And one day Thea can't take it any more.

This is my story for competitions.Please hit like,fav and comment feedback will be brilliant.


3. A new Home

I love my new home. I live with this couple called Seth and Linda and they have a daughter near my age called May she is beautiful and a 6 year old boy called Jacob they were looking to adopt and now they have me. I really like them a lot. They don't hit, slap or even beat me instead they give me hugs, kisses and love. I wish I was really born in their family. I even moved to a new school and I have lots of friends my best friends are Natasha,Emily,Ben and Lulu. I feel like I belong there. Once or twice Linda asked me about my family .But I tell her I don't want to talk about them. I dyed my messy brown hair a dark purple to give a colour about how my life was before. I love singing,dancing and i am doing really well academically the teacher told me I could win a scholarship to a better school. The burns still sting but I went to the doctor's and they gave me some cream. The burns are the only things that remember me off my old life. Linda told May and Jacob not to talk about my past. I tell them anyway they are really sympathetic toward me. I go to these meeting to speak about my life and the pain I suffered. They comfort me and tell me that I am such a strong girl. I am so happy nothing can make me sad. 

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