I Hate You

Thea is a young pretty girl who instead of love from her parents get's hate.Abused as a child and beaten till bones burned Thea is growing up unloved.Thea never understands why her parents don't love her but love her younger sister Summer.All the badness forms inside Thea as a power of hate.And one day Thea can't take it any more.

This is my story for competitions.Please hit like,fav and comment feedback will be brilliant.


1. Abused Again

I looked in my pockets for my house key but i couldn't find it.oh no .I bang on the door till my knuckles heart.My dad opens the door his face flushed with red and his hair sticking out.

"Why are you banging the stupid door it's going to break you nut bag" my father shouted shoving me in. I try to stop crying but a tear falls on my face.

"Why are you crying i didn't hurt you for goodness sake stop acting like a baby" my father shouted. I stare down trying not to look him in the eye cause i know it will make it worse.

"Stop ignoring me look at me" My father shouted pushing my head up. I looked at him.

"Finally, why didn't you buy me some cigarettes i gave you two pounds earlier?" he screamed.

"I forgot to buy it i will buy it tommorow and anyway its bad for you dad"i reply."Don't dad me you aren't my daughter why did you have to be born?" my father shouted slapping me. My cheek stung with pain and it made me cry.

"Why do you hate me what did i do to you?"i ask

"Be born"my dad moaned whipping me with a whip. I screamed in pain and shouted while the burns stung till my bones could be seen and blood pouring. I couldn't stand  this any more. Why did everyone hate me what did I do. My father beated me everyday while he wouldn't lay a single hand on my sister. She would get me in trouble so i would be punished even if I did nothing.

"I HATE YOU"I screamed and pushed past my dad and opened the door and walked on.

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