look out the window

15 year old Lucas Storm lives in a village the 17th. century, and one day he looks out the window and sees the ending to a long story.


1. the Ending

I was sitting alone in my room on a lazy Sunday afternoon, looking out the window at two men fighting outside. The one man was dressed in grey with a hood, while the other was dressed in a black uniform. "give it to me" said the man in the black uniform, "No... you shall not take what isn't yours" responded the other. The man in the black uniform then took up a knife from his belt, and slowly took it closer and closer to the other man's already hurt face, "you have a nice face, now give me the  book, and nothing happens to it!" said the tall man in the uniform angrily, "never you narcissistic pig!"

"wrong answer" the man with the knife then proceeded to cut a long scar on the cheek of the man with the dark hood. "aah" the hooded man screamed so the whole village could hear it. "There... you see what did, and you can expect worse if you don't give me the book!"

"what type of mother brought you up Timon?... who hurt you?" asked the hooded man to the other (who seemed to be called Timon)

"you!" and in the second he said that he kicked the hooded man in the face. "Why don't you just kill me you dog?"

"because then i wouldn't know where the other books are, would i?" Then the...

Wait a second... Did i tell you the beginning of the story? I didn't did i? Well here it is.



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