the life and times of marlov apple

on a dark night a child is whisked off to a lonely dark castle. he is to fulfill a terrible prophecy and his uncle the dark lord wants to kill him. will little marlov escape?


1. P R O L O G U E

The man in black moved silently in the shadows, zigzagging from tree to tree, and like a hound,swift. He seemed to know his way in the endless maze of trees and bushes. Far, far away he could hear shouts and war cries echoing from the castle. He hastened his steps, moving left and then right and then left again, expertly dashing through the blur of trees.

The woods were not a place you where you would want to be in the dead of the night.Nevertheless, the man hurried into what could be called the heart of the forest.. he slowed down a bit breathing in the warm night air. It was then he noticed the tiny package in his bare hands. It was a small infant, a baby. The baby had a touch of gold in it's aqua deep eyes. His hair was wavy black and he was very cute.The man stopped for a second. Guiltily he knew that he was sending this child to its death knoll. However he couldn't stop now. He wanted to see signs of the enemy. He didn't have to wait long.

At a distance there was the sound of running footsteps. Three men emerged from the shadows.One of them tried to sear the black man's head off. The man in black saved himself . The other two kept a constant fire from their arrows. The man in black expertly ducked and moved. Finally he struck at a man's foot with his axe and taking  advantage of the momentary pause in battle he took to his heels.

The man ran with the young one and came to another clearing of sorts.He had reached his destination. He set the baby down on a patch of dried heather and began to circle the clearing. Strange words flowed from his mouth and as he spoke the ancient tongues the wind howled around them.The air swirled in a circle with he and the baby in the center. Magic welled up in his veins and...poof! The spell was complete. A circle of fierce wind separated them from the rest of the forest. Satisfied he looked at his gold and diamond timepiece which showed him a quarter to twelve. He had a cat nap and when it was five minutes to twelve, he took a few twigs laid them around and lit the fire. He waited and waited for any signs. Atlast it was midnight. The fire licked the air and became long and bright.

The fire took a distinct shape of a woman. The woman was extremely beautiful but her face suggested that she could be snappy as well. Her pretty face seemed to hold  back great and mysterious powers. Her eyes seemed to flash ablaze and her hair was wavy black. Her very sight was intimidating but the man bravely stepped forward. She scanned her surroundings clearly and spoke in lilting musical tones,"the package?". The man produced the now awake baby.She dismissed the man. The woman softened for a bit. She took the baby gently. The woman cradled it gently and sung a lullaby. She lifted her top for a minute and let the baby suckle her milk from her breasts. Then she summoned a giant eagle and set the baby on it's back and chanted a spell."You'll be all right. Farewell.", she said.The eagle took flight and soared towards a dark castle in the distance.The woman turned on the spot and in a flurry of flames she disappeared.

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