Beyond The Secrets

This story is about a girl named Andrea who becomes depressed but keeps it to herself untill it's too late. Andrea struggles to keep a grasp on her life that seems to be falling more and more apart by the minute.


1. Chapter 1

You know when something is wrong. It stares at you right in the face. You know everyday things, but you take things for granted. It happens fast, for everything to change, for your world to come crumbling down. You can never be ready for it. It's beyond you, it was beyond me, it was even beyond the secrets. Let me take you back to earlier that week. Before everything started to fall apart.

                                 ~earlier that week~ 

I awoke from a loud noise. 

"Huh? What? Where am I?" I asked confused at where I even was. 

"Ms. Jonson you are at school and you had fallen asleep during a lecture. Wake up, now!" said Mr. Lankton firmly. I was so embarrassed this was the third time I had fallen asleep during class. I should really get more sleep at night, after the bell rings I walk down the hall. Even though its the end of the day I still feel tired, for once it wasn't just school. To be honest I haven't been feeling right for this past week, everything feels slower,dragged out and no matter what I do to try to feel more energetic it feels almost impossible. 

When I get home from school I don't bother with my homework, what's missing one assignment going to do anyways? I just walk up to by bedroom and collapse on my bed. If I go to bed now there is no way I will be tired tomorrow. That's when my phone chimes in my pocket signaling that I got a text, I pull out my phone and look at the screen.

Hey, are you busy friday? We should catch up.

James used to be my best friend growing up, but as we got older he got more popular so we just stopped talking. Last year I developed a crush on him, of course. But, even though I should be happy that he wants to get back in touch I don't feel excited, just tired. I need to get back into things again and the only way to get out of this funk is to have something interesting happen. This is just what I need, so I respond to the text.

TO: James

Hey, ur right we should totally catch up, and friday's perfect!

After I send the text I toss my cell phone on the floor and go to sleep.

The next day I woke up and I wasn't tired so I hopped out of bed and went to school. During homeroom I get called down to the office, when I get there the guidance counselor asks me to come into her office for a minute.
"How've you been Andrea?" she asks
"Fine.." I reposition myself in the chair, the guidance counselor office makes me uncomfortable, it makes me feel like I am messed up or there is something wrong with me. 
"Well I only have a few minutes of your time so..."she picks up a paper off her desk and hands it to me " I just wanted to make sure you knew that you are failing three classes and your other grades are dropping too."
"Oh.." i say really not caring
"I am going to suggest you stay after for some extra help. Or I can find some  honor students that may be willing to tutor you?"
"I don't need extra help or a tutor I just missed some assignments thats all.."
"Some of your teachers have come to me saying that you have been falling asleep in class, skipping homework, and failing tests. One of them thought you had a mental condition, sweetie this is high school. This is the dry run for the rest of your life, it's not something you can blow off..... How about this, you try to bring up your grades and if I see some improvement then I wont get you extra help, but if you continue to fail then I have no choice. It's my job to watch out for you kids and to recognize when you are falling so I can pick you back up again" she smiles "Speaking metaphorically that is... Anyways you need to get back to class, and remember to get those grades up!"
When I leave her office and begin walking down the hallway to my locker to get my books, I turn the corner and almost walk into someone who was texting on their phone.
"Hey! You need to watch were you're.....I...I'm sorry...I just.." I stammer when I realize who I am talking to. James. 
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