What would happen if you had grown up on an island, and never had any contact with anyone else human? Would you adopt an animal's language? If you did, then what would happen? Please leave constructive critisism and like if you like it. Thanks.


3. RMS... What?

Something is definitely wrong, I wake up in the morning to find the outline of a ship, but not the right outline. The Albatrot doesn't come back for another month or two. So this can't be good. My heart starts beating in my chest so hard that I think it might burst right the way through my ribs. Thoughts run through my head at the speed of light. 'Calm down Cecelia, calm down, you will be fine, it's only a passing ship'. I tell myself, even if I know it's useless, years ago, my mother disappeard. She went out to see what a mysterious ship was in the distance and never came back. Now, the only nightmare I have is reliving that horrible day, I scream for my mother to come back even if I know it's useless. There is one thing I know, I will never go and see that ship, even if it means never seeing my mother again. Anyway, if my mother was coming for me she would have been back a long time ago. She was strong, stronger than anyone, stronger than dad, stronger than life.


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