What would happen if you had grown up on an island, and never had any contact with anyone else human? Would you adopt an animal's language? If you did, then what would happen? Please leave constructive critisism and like if you like it. Thanks.


8. Never

They will never find me, they will never get me to be their lab rat. Never. I have to get out of here, I have to run, run and run and never come back. My island. They told me that they can't find it. After they set off the bombs it just, vanished. But I know it's still there. If my island wasn't there I would feel remorse, I would be devastated and would never come out of the deepest depths of depression. But I don't feel these things. That's how I know it's still there.

To my left there is a window, I don't know where it comes out but I know that it can't be good. I can't use that, no matter how hard my life gets, I would never make the fall. But there has to be a way out of here. They lied to me, they are holding my dear parents captive so that I will join them. Join their army. Suddenly, the window seems a good option. I don't want to, but something is forcing me, before I realise, I am at the window, leaning over the edge. Fear pulses through my veins. I can't control myself.

A strong force pushes me forwards still, and with one last push... I am falling. A mere scream escape my lips before pain explodes through my body and I black out... 

 The end...

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